November Beauty Giveaways – Glamour and Feel Unique Vouchers + 1 day only BBB Benefit Advent Calender Giveaway

Hello Dear Bargain Hunters!

If you’ve been following this blog long enough you’ll know that I do a monthly run-down of the month’s beauty giveaways that are going on and Glamour and Easy Living are basically two e-magazines that run competitions every month, without fail!

So it should be no surprise that Glamour is at it again this month. Except the prize for this month did literally make my jaw drop (for various reasons, good and bad).


Basically, instead of giving out a product every day, Glamour has teamed up with Feel Unique to give out a £30 Feel Unique voucher a day!!

To be honest, I can’t quite decide yet whether this is amazing or lazy on their part but in any case read on to find out more about Feel Unique and also how you can enter in this prize draw.

To begin with introducing Feel Unique, they’re basically Europe’s largest online beauty retailer, they’ve an incredibly large selection of brands and are pretty trustworthy. I know Ruth from Amodelrecommends seems to have a lot of good stuff to say about them and to me Ruth’s the Alpha and Omega of skincare so if she shops Feel Unique they must be good! Don’t just take my word for it though, drop by AModelRecommends and see for yourself, she’s just uploaded a great skincare video about how to prep for an important event!

Sorry, I digress.

So anyway, the price point of a lot of the products you’d go to Feel Unique for are what I’d call middle to high, leaning more on the high side. This makes sense, if something has a low price point you’d be able to find it in Boots or Superdrug, so why would you order it online?! But this is the main reason I haven’t shopped with them before (not to say I haven’t browsed and eyed products, ah the internet has upgraded window shopping to just a casual, occasional pastime to what full-blown hobby, I’d totally say I’m an online window shopper hobbyist. Does anyone else like to browse sites, add stuff to a cart, look at it awhile and then just leave? I always feel like I’ve just saved a ton of money by not buying anything, although I know economics doesn’t work that way).

On the one hand, I think Glamour giving out Feel Unique vouchers is great because it’s the perfect excuse for me to go shopping on Feel Unique! I already know what I’d buy even (Alpha-H Liquid Gold!). Also, I kind of like that instead of giving out a product they’re letting you decide what you want to buy. The options are endless, you could put the money towards a very expensive product or buy loads of cheaper ones.

But it’s a little bit like receiving money for your birthday isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I actually like that, but you also feel it was kind of lazy on their part. Also, I notice it’s just 1 voucher a day, so chances aren’t exactly very high!! I’d advise you to take it seriously and apply every day if you want even a fighting chance to actually win.

Also, let’s be honest girls, which of us, upon receiving £30 to spend at Feel Unique, will spend £30? There’s a good chance we’d end up spending up to £60 but justify it by saying ‘oh I’m kind of getting every half off!’ so it ends up with the retailer turning a profit as they’ve: (a) probably attracted new customers who would otherwise not have spent money with them and will most like return, and (b) made consumers spend money we otherwise wouldn’t spend!

So, as with all promotions, deals, discounts, whatever, remember not to be tempted into straying off course!

Right, enough faffing around! Click here to enter and if you need a little hint it’s ‘Frankie Sandford’ 😉

In other news, the BBB is very generously hosting a giveaway for a Benefit Advent Calendar! These I know are in extremely high demand so if you fancy a shot at winning one have a look at her post about it here for details on how to go about entering =) This ends 4pm today so HURRY.

Happy Competition-ing and All the Best!



Will you be entering? =)

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