Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Hugo Boss Perfume Sample

Hello all!

How better to start a new week than with the most common and typical mailed-to-your-door type of freebie… the free sample perfume!! Hehe.

Now, I’ve no idea of telling for sure whether this’ll be a sachet sample (bummer) or a lovely little mini-bottled one (hooray!) but either way it’s worthwhile getting your hands on one. It seems a little skint to do so but you can still ‘use’ the sachet ones by patting them on your wrists and neck, which makes them an ideal travel alternative to lugging round lots of little bottles.

boss_bottled_nightAnyway, today’s freebie actually gives you the chance to get not one but up to ten different types of perfume samples, all by Hugo Boss. The registration page is a little confusing and I don’t think you can request a sample of them all in a go, try doing them in categories (ie. all the Hugo Boss Bottled samples, the all the Orange samples etc.).

The way to navigate so as to get the sample you want (if you don’t want to get them all) is to make sure you click ‘Show All Content’ if your browser asks to show only secure content and then you’ll see the 3 Hugo Bottled fragrances first (the one above is the Bottled Nuit), these are men’s fragrances. To get to the latest fragrances, the Boss Jour and Boss Nuit, which are women’s fragrances (for day and night, the name suggests!) just click the little arrow point to the right.



They also have some of the older fragrances which have been up for awhile, which are the Orange for Men and also Women and another set of 3 colognes.

If you’re not sure what to do with all the samples coming in, here’s an idea, use them to scout a Christmas present! Perhaps under the guise of ordering them for yourself to choose a fragrance for yourself, ask a ‘target’ which is their favourite scent out of the lot and get that for them for Christmas! This doesn’t work so well if you’re a girl and your target is a guy I suppose… perhaps you can say you’re getting it for, erm, a brother? Or if you’re not the ‘surprise with a gift’ sort then you can always just ask them straight up I guess!

Anyway, the form for requesting samples can be found here, if you’re a big Hugo Boss fragrances fan I suggest you bookmark the link because they do update the samples page regularly when new fragrances come out!

Remember to toggle the little arrows that surround the pictures of the perfume bottles to select a different fragrance if you don’t see the one you want =)

Oh! And, as usual, samples can take up to 28 days to reach you.



Which is your favourite Star Gift so far? =)

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