Boots Star Gift #5 Nov 1st – Ted Baker ‘The Great and Gorgeous’ Set

Hello my pretties!!

Here’s this week’s edition of the Boots Star Gift!! =D

For all of you waiting with anticipation to find out what it is this week… you’ll be glad to know it’s one of the more hotly anticipated ones (no, sadly not the Soap and Glory set yet, I hear that’ll be released near the end of the series!).

It’s the *drumroll please* Great and Gorgeous Set by Ted Baker!!! It’s down from £40 to £19. I didn’t even realise Boots sold Ted Baker beauty products…

Boots Star Gift Ted BakerDefinitely one for the Ted Baker fans. Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

    • 2 x nail polishes (9ml each)
    • 2 x illuminating liquids (9ml each)
    • Bronzing compact (7.4g)
    • Shimmering eye cream (5.8g)
    • Eye glitter (1.6g)
    • Liquid eyeliner Pen
    • 1 pair false eyelashes
    • 2 x lipstick crayons (2.6g each)
    • 4 x cosmetic brushes

As you can see, it’s quite a fair bit of little travel-sized products! I can’t even spot the eyeliner pen in the picture… can you? I can’t imagine how small it must be if it’s not a full-sized product and I kind of dread to think of using a mini-eyeliner pen, my fingers are shakey enough as it is!! [UPDATE: on closer inspection, I see that the brushes and eyeliner take up 2 box spaces together! alright then, less ‘mini’ than I’d thought ;)]

In terms of value for money for make-up products, I really wouldn’t recommend this if only because I don’t think it’s worth it for £40 and it’s just barely worth the money at £19… but just because it makes a lovely gift. You just don’t get much product in it and while the brushes are a nice touch there’re others that I’d recommend far more.

But if you want a closer look via video, check out the star gift video of the week here!

If you do decide to get it, the offer’s on until Thu 7 Nov, subject to stock, and I highly recommend that you pick it up during the weekend when the Triple Points Weekend is on (find a few other bits and bobs and top up till £30!).

Which is your favourite Star Gift so far? =)

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32 thoughts on “Boots Star Gift #5 Nov 1st – Ted Baker ‘The Great and Gorgeous’ Set

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  2. i bought this i didnt much like most of the stuff. but the eyeliner. all i can say is omg its fantastic it does not smudge one bit.. ive even had a crying sesh while wearing it..

    but i cannot find where to buy the eyeliner separately such a shame cause it is the best iv ever used

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