MUA and Collection Giveaways

Hi Freebie-Lovers!

Today’s quite a busy day for me, a short play I’m directing is on tonight and although it’s extremely short (like, 10 minutes long, I mean, 10 minutes short) yet it still takes the whole day to do a tech/dress. Goodness!

Anyway, what better to give you some hope on a busy day than a couple of good giveaways!

Now I don’t usually post these because they’re not my favourite kinda freebie, I mean, the freebie isn’t even really guaranteed, is it? But I made an exception because of MUA…

MUA Biggest Giveaway eye trio

Actually, if you’re an MUA fan you should definitely follow them on Facebook because they’re almost always hosting giveaways, they’re an incredibly generous brand when it comes to that! However their giveaways are usually just 50 products, which isn’t a huge lot considering how many followers they have on Facebook (hint: more than 50…).

This time, however, they’ve upped their numbers to 100, that’s twice as much! And that makes it post-worthy 😉

The prize in question is their Innocence Eye Trio (not ‘innoncence’ as the picture above states, that’s an unfortunate typo on their part!) which usually retails for £2.50 and is the most versatile shade in their Eye Trio collection. Apparently the head of their Makeup Artistry team, Karla Powell, uses the lightest shade as a cheek highlighter, making this shadow trio possibly the most versatile bit of makeup I’ve ever heard of…

Anyway, join in on the MUA giveaway fun here.

And while I’m on about MUA, have a peek at their ongoing sale shop. In particular, it seems like the primers/foundations have been slashed in price twice so if you’ve been eyeing those at all, now’s the time! By the way, it seems the Undressed Palette is back in stock on the Superdrug website but has anyone found them in-store? I should pop by one when I have a chance…

Also, just in time for Halloween, Collection is also doing a giveaway on their Gothic Lips and Nails makeup colours. They’re another brand that do giveaways very often so it’s worth following their subscription email just for alerts on that! Register for this giveaway here.

Happy giveaway-ing today =)



What are your favourite MUA/Collection products?

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