Monday Munchies – Some Fun Halloween Foodie Freebies and VOTE FOR THIS FILM =D

Hellooo everyone!

Hope you’re all ready for an amazing week ahead, there’s quite a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks with Halloween this Thursday and then Bonfire Night next Tuesday, I’m looking forward to candy and fireworks already!!!

So, last Monday I did a post on food freebies and that seemed pretty well-liked, coincidentally I spotted another amazing foodie offer for this week so I thought I might as well throw that into this week’s post as well.

Hello doughnuts!

Hello doughnuts!

Guess what, it’s also a freebie for a free Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut (like last week)! The difference though is that last week’s offer is still on, in fact it’s on indefinitely since the free voucher comes with a sign up, but this week’s one is limited-time only so you can’t hang about to get it. It’s also quite a fun freebie to get 😉

So… in order to get yourself a completely free original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme… you need to… get yourself to any Krispy Kreme store on Thursday the 31st of October… in full Halloween costume!

That’s got to be one of the funnest things I’ve ever heard of. Apparently costumes have to be completely full and also ‘convincingly spooky’ which I’d argue is very subjective… but oh well! Also worth noting that this is only for actual stores and not Krispy Kreme service stations (ie at Tesco’s) so don’t walk into those in full zombie get-up demanding a free doughnut.

Next, to go with your free doughnut what about some free coffee/tea?!

I never knew about this but apparently the Waitrose loyalty card (which you can get by signing up online or in-store) will entitle you to claiming a free regular tea or coffee every day, that’s pretty sweet I think…

Enter the Pitch

And finally, I know I mentioned the film voting before in this post but today is officially the FINAL DAY for voting and if you could spare 4 minutes of your time to watch/vote for the following two entries I would be eternally grateful! The site runs on cookies (not ip address as I previously mentioned) do you can vote on your phone, laptop, desktop etc, one vote per device =) And every single vote counts!

The previous video I promoted before was this, The Cure which is a thriller/suspense based on the Book of Jonah and the other is Twice Shy, which has a very different feel and is more of a rom-com/action based on Hosea.


Also, I would love to hear your feedback =) =)



What will you be for Halloween??

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