The Best Beauty Box Ever – The BBB Beauty Box 2!

UPDATE: The BBB’s posted a couple of very comprehensive and lovely vlogs detailing more about the products you can get in the beauty box =) check it out here!

Hey all!!

Sorry for another very basic looking post today, in fact even the contents will be a little sparse as I find myself trapped somewhere without Internet and am desperately updating via my mobile phone!!

Anyway, what I absolutely need to tell you all now is to please, please mark your calendars for the 30th of October, that’s next Wednesday and furthermore set your alarms for 7am because that’s when the much anticipated 2nd BritishBeautyBlogger Beauty Box is coming out!!!

What is this BritishBeautyBlogger Beauty Box (or BBB BB for short…) you say and why is it so important?

Wellll, basically it’s a beauty box that is guaranteed to be chock full of the most amazing beauty goodies for a serious fraction of a price (trust me, when have I ever recommended a bad deal??), the first BBB BB sold out in 5 hours and I missed it, terribly gutted, so I can’t wait till this next one’s out, I’ll be camping out by my computer at 7am on the dot to buy mine! Seriously, when the last one went on sale I was in York and couldn’t access the Internet other than via my phone, foolishly I thought it could wait till I got back to London but no, I guess me and the BBB BB 1 was just not meant to be 😥

If you need numbers to convince you, well this box will cost £28 roughly including postage but the items inside will be worth around £150 (so says the BBB whose word I trust!). I could list everything that’s in it and utterly whow you but I feel it’d be better to direct you to the post on the BBB website itself since it’s the original after all (check it out here!). But be expecting my reviews of it after 😉

I can’t recommend this enough! Whether as the best Xmas gift ever, a beauty blogger’s dream beauty box (you’ll have a wealth of reviews and swatches to show for it after!) or just a girly treat for yourself, seriously there’s something for everyone. There’s so much stuff in it, you could easily gift away the stuff you don’t like.

Tell me what you think about it and whether you’ll be buying one! My mind is totally made up, I’m just wavering between getting 1 or 2 now… Hehe.



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