Boots Star Gift #4 25th Oct – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Set

Hello Boots Beauty Lovers!

Yes, that’s right, I’m assuming that most of you reading this post are super enthusiastic about the Boots Star Gift offers =)

As promised, this is going up on the dot at 0:01 😉

I have to admit, as amazing as the past 3 deals have been (and you can see them all here, here and here), I think this one is by far my favourite and trumps all the rest! Mainly because it’s one I could really see myself buying and it features one of the most famous and iconic beauty products ever – the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

Liz Arden 8 hour boots star gift

The set retails for £50 for from today (Friday the 25th of Oct 2013) until next Thursday (that’s the 31st of Oct, Halloween!) you can get this for an amazing £24.50! Seriously, all these deals aren’t really ‘better than half price’, it’s just 50p less than half price for goodness sake… still, for this deal I do think snagging it at half price is a bargain.

The set contains:

  • Eight Hour Intensive Moisturising hand cream (30ml)
  • Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant cream (30ml)
  • Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant stick (3.7g)
  • Moisturising gloves and socks
  • Carry case

I must say, I’m quite intrigued by the ‘moisturising gloves and socks’, I can’t find much info about it online but the description (Moisturizing eight hour gloves and socks, perfect for an overnight intensive treatment) makes me feel they’re probably just very soft and not very absorbent gloves/socks that help keep your cream onto your skin overnight, leaving you with super moisturised skin the next day. Arguably you could just use regular socks/gloves but that would feel far less special… and you’d have some of that previous cream soaked into the fabric.

I don’t quite fancy the carry case myself, it’s not very imaginative a design I feel and pretty much just rides on the fame of the Eight Hour Cream but it’s useful and makes the whole thing a nice gift!

All in all, it would make a gorgeous gift and the lovely thing is it’s quite age-unspecific (is that a phrase?). I can imagine everyone from my friends in their twenties to my mom loving this, just because the Eight Hour Cream itself is such a Holy Grail moisturising cream…

The only pretty big down side is that word on the street (ie on MoneySavingExperts forum) is that apparently the same amount of product available in this set (minus the gloves, socks and case) would be worth £25 in total… which makes this seem less than a 50% off deal (goodness, I’d have felt scammed if I’d bought it for the usual price of £50!!) and more like a normal priced item with freebies thrown in (ie the case and gloves/socks). I do stand by my opinion that it’s a lovely treat-gift for Christmas for almost anyone though!



Which is your favourite Star Gift so far? =)

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