Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Scar Treatment Kelo-Cote Sample plus some Perfume Samples

Hello Everyone!

It’s another Thursday, can’t wait for Friday and the weekend (oh dear, I wonder if that’s how the inspiration for the song ‘Friday’ came about… I’m never opening a post with that line again if that’s the case..).

Today’s post is more aimed for those of you with an old scar or something. My first thought as ‘OMG acne scars!’ but sadly, no, this treatment is for ‘proper’ scars as in burn scars or surgery scars, I’m not sure if it’s wise to try this on your face.

That’s kind of a niche product, isn’t it? But I know for those who have them it can be quite a concern so I thought better post this anyway! If you know a friend who could use this, why not treat them this freebie and spread the word? It might do a lot for their confidence if they’ve a scar they’d like to make fade away =)

Just fill in the form here for a free 15g sample of Kelo-Cote. 15g doesn’t sound like a lot to me honestly… but better than nothing I suppose. You’ll also have to fill in details of the scar and if you feel so inclined send them before and after photos anonymously.

Next up are two perfume samples, one is Made to Measure from Gucci and one that’s The Key by Justin Bieber.

The Made is Measure is actually a men’s fragrance but if you’re, well, female you can get one anyway for a friend or boyfriend (why not??), it’ll probably be a sachet type sample though! The Key will be sent in a little 2.5ml spray bottle, I absolutely adore little spray bottles as they’re great for travelling with but there’s only 5000 of these available so hurry!!

Finally, stay tuned at 00:01 on Friday as I’ll be posting about the next Boots’ Star Gift!! =D If you want to get the Seventeen Complete Collection remember, today’s your last day to get it.

What would you use a scar treatment for?

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