Review – Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge

Hello budget-beauty lovers!

So today I have a review of the Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge which I’ve been using for slightly more than a month now.

I’ve mentioned it before in in a previous post about blending sponges and I’ll also be able to compare it to the dupe I’ve bought from eBay a few months back.

Hello Real Techniques Sponge!

Right, so, most obvious thing that I’ve gotta say first… this sponge is way cheaper than the original Beauty Blender but obviously more expensive than an eBay dupe that you can get easily for a couple quid. This one is retailing for £5.99 in Boots and to be honest I felt a bit cheated because I think the pre-release price used to be £4.99?!? But it’s just a pound and I love Real Techniques so…

Right, let’s start with some pictures of the sponge out of the box because you can’t really ee the unique shape of it in the box!

Real Techniques Sponge 4

Side View


I’d say other than the price, the first thing that jumps out at you about this sponge is the shape. It’s totally different from any others on the market, dupes included! Everything else seems to be 2 bobbles on top of each other or just a tear-drop shape, whereas this one has an utterly unique flat edge!

Next thing that makes it different… well, it’s orange. Hehe. Seriously though, what if you hate hot pink?! Alright, alright, I jest.

I feel the flat edge seriously does make a huge amount of difference to my application!

As you can see from the picture above, the flat part is slightly curved, it’s simply perfect for molding and patting around my cheeks or around my jawline, it just seems to ‘fit’ if that makes since!

Also, this sponge has the added advantage of having two pointy tips, one at the end of the flat edge and one on the rounded edge. I can’t stress enough how much I use these tips.. they’re perfect for concealing the red areas around your nose and also under your eyes. Love-love-love it.

The only edge I just about never use is the big curved edge, which is funny because I see loads of online videos where vloggers are using the curved parts of their Beauty Blenders to pat on foundation… not to say it’s useless though, I think it fits my hands perfectly and makes it super easy to handle the sponge.

Shape aside, compared to the dupe I bought, this sponge is also a lot softer and less springy. To be honest I was completely not used to that at first but after awhile it was fine. Some people have commented that this sponge is ‘thirstier’ in that it soaks up more product, I haven’t found that so with my product but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case because a fluffier sponge would naturally just soak up more. My key piece of advice is to make sure the sponge is damp (not soaking yeah, damp) before using it, it really soaks up way less then =)

The good thing about a fluffier sponge is that even though product is soaked in a little bit, you just need to press down the product-soaked portion onto your skin and all of it is easily squeezed out and airbrush-patted on your face! You get great control over your coverage that way. Want less on your face? Just pat less into the sponge.

The most important thing though (and this will gross you out a bit) a fluffier sponge means a drier sponge… it dries out quite quickly which is so important because, believe it or not, a month in and my blender dupe from eBay had mold growing on it… cue a huge ‘EWWWW’. It’s partly my fault for not drying it out enough but I’ve not had that problem with the Real Techniques one because it’s just a dream to wash out and dry.

For £5.99 I’m hoping this sponge lasts a good couple of months longer than the dupe, it’s not exactly expensive but if it needs constant replacement a good brush would be a better investment! Although I’m simply addicted to using the sponges now…

I’m still on the look-out for a good Real Techniques brushes deal at Boots to grab myself some 😉



Have you tried a blending sponge yet?

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2 thoughts on “Review – Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge

  1. Such a great review thank you, I’ve been using the beauty blender as well as some dupes i got from ebay but to be honest with you, i prefer to apply foundation with a brush 🙂 xx

    • Funnily enough (and I know it’s weird) I’ve never applied foundation with a proper brush before!! For some reason I’ve always used either my fingers or those old sponges (the triangle shaped ones) in the past. I should really try that out =)

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