Fashion Sales for the Week!

Hey my Budget-Babes!

If you’re not already aware, there’s actually quite a few good sales going on this week! Here’s a round-up of what I feel are some of the top picks this week =)

DP Fashion WeekRight, first up is DP Fashion Week!

Basically, Dorothy Perkins have an amazing 25% off everything offer both online and instore! I think this is amazingly generous because usually stores do a ‘up to xx%’ thing where you find most things are only off a puny 5% or something when they lured you in with 50%… but no, this is a code or voucher that gives you 25% whatever item/s!

It’s not available to be used in conjunction with other promotions or offers which I think is fair enough =)

To use online just enter the code DPFW25 and to use instore just download, print and fill in this very simple voucher over here. Offer lasts till this Sunday 27th of October, dates inclusive.

188_Secretsales_secretsales_LOGO_BWNext up, I’ve talked about Secret Sales before and this week they’re currently holding a sale with items from Naomi Tsukishima. Now, her stuff goes on sale with Secret Sales every so often and I always always love what I see! So please check this sale out over here, first item that I saw was the trendiest faux-fur autumn coat for £15 down from £110!! I don’t ‘need’ another coat, so I won’t get it, but it’s really a deal just waiting to be got…

In other news, the ASOS sale is carrying on as usual, I’ll bet you’ve heard of it on loads of other fashion/beauty blogs so I won’t go much into detail except that it’s a lovely mid-season, up to 70% off sale which you can find here and ALSO they’re doing a limited-time only sale on BEAUTY that’s up to 30% off and is only on till NOON TODAY over here. The items I’ve spotted that are actually 30% off can be found in the Rimmel and Bourjois section. Don’t be too excited by seeing Benefit in there though as the discounts are just around a couple quid off for items costing up to £30…

Another sale that’s on at the moment is at JOY, where they have £10 some selected AW13 range items, it still doesn’t make it budget friendly in my opinion but if you’re a JOY fan might as well get these items £10 cheaper rather than at full price! Find the sale page over here.

boots star gift juicy coutureFinally, regarding the Boots Star Gifts offers, some of you will already know that their PR company recently contacted me so I will definitely be doing a weekly feature on Fridays about the Star Gift, also I actually get the info on Thursday nights but can’t release it till Friday 00:01 but rest assured I’m going to do my best to make sure it’s released bang-on on Fridays 00:01! Haha. From my past experience trying to find info on the website, the website is usually down on Friday at that time till about 3am in the morning so chances are you’ll get the very first peek at the Star Gift for the week right HERE 😉 Tune in on Fridays for your Star Gift fix!



Happy Sale Shopping!!

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