Foodie Freebies to Start the Week!

Hey All!

It’s Monday and the start of a brand new week, hard to believe the weekend whizzed by so quickly… doesn’t it always?

Anyway, to start the week here’s a few great foodie freebies for you that I’ve been eyeing since mid last week but decided to save for a big foodie post 😉

The first one is my favourite… a free Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Krispy Kreme original

MmmmmMMMMmm, doughnuts! Always makes me feel like Homer Simpson…

It’s quite a simple process, just fill in a form with your details and they’ll email you a voucher for a free glazed ring doughnut (my favourite one), the only catch is that you’ll need to sign up for the Krispy Kreme Fan Club. As with all freebie forms that require an email address, I strongly encourage you to please use a secondary email address that you reserve only for spam/promotional emails, it’ll make life SO much easier! The plus side is, if you’re a fan of Krispy Kreme then the fan club does seem kinda cool, you might get a chance to be a doughnut taster!

The link for registration is here, your voucher expires 7 days after you get it so don’t forget to redeem it asap!!

Right, now this second is actually going to expire in just a few hours (EEP) but I thought I’d post it anyway as some of you might be lucky enough to catch it… also it’s from ilumi and my experience with them is that they often renew/extend their deals so who knows, it might not be over at noontime after all!

ilumi dine in for 2

ilumi’s running a dine-in for 2 deal for only £10, it’s not exactly a ‘freebie’ but I love dine-in for £10 deals (Marks and Spencers and Waitrose both do them too) as you typically get a great deal out of it, like at least 2 courses plus a drink. It’s a great date idea and I’ve tried ilumi’s food before when they had a free curry deal, loved it, the boyfriend and I can’t recommend the curry enough.

For this offer you’ll get to choose 2 main meal options (worth £7.50), 2 savoury soups (worth £3.50), 2 bottles of Celia Lager (worth £5) and any rice (worth £1), so that makes the total deal worth £22.75 so you’re getting a ‘Better Than Half Price’ deal on this!! Also, they’ve thrown in free delivery, I really, really like free delivery, gets me every time…

You’ll need to click via this link to activate the deal, the deal will show on your shopping summary =) so just choose your 2 mains, 2 soups, a rice and add those drinks!

Great date idea or a girls’ night in idea, Or you know what, forget the date and friends, get it for yourself!! The food is packaged in pouches so doesn’t expire immediately, if you’re a student and don’t wanna cook for a couple days, treat yourself to 2 full meals for £10 (I could probably stretch it to 4 meals… soup and bread is a meal, right?).

FINALLY, Coke Zero is giving away a million free bottles (whow, that’s a lot of bottles and quite a generous offer really, as close to ‘unlimited’ as I can think of!!), all you need to do is enter your details and then print out a voucher that you should be able to claim from most grocery stores/convenience stores.

The form is available here, you might need to install a voucher printing program but it’s completely legit and if you’re into freebie coupons, you’ll be needing it 😉

I decided not to add in a picture for this last deal as, well, you know what a bottle of Coke looks like… =P

Well, hope that’s started off your Monday on a high point! A little deviation from the usual beauty/makeup posts but who doesn’t love a bit of FREE FOOD.



Which is your favourite foodie freebie?

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