The High End Haul #2 – What Was Not

Happy Saturday my lovelies!

Alright, so as promised I’m finally carrying on with my High End Haul series, which basically documents my friend’s haul when she visited me in the UK and her recent trip to Bicester Village (I say ‘recent’ but actually it was more like a month ago now?!).

You can check Part 1 of this series here as that basically shows you everything she bought during the haul, aka ‘What Was Bought’, this 2nd part shows all the other goodies that she was seriously considering but didn’t end up buying, would be interesting to hear your comments and whether you’d have chosen the same??

Versace Bracelet in Gray

So first up is a bracelet you actually saw in the last post, the Versace studded/zipped bracelet in gray which she didn’t get as she went in favour of the black one with gold trimmings instead.

Versace Bracelets in Brown and Beige

These 2 bracelets are also from Versace and 100% leather, when we first saw them we were all ‘oooooOOooo’ but then after we looked at the one above (with the zips and studs) and looked back again they somehow seemed… lacklustre. What do you think?

Bottega Bracelet 1

This is from Bottega, whow I didn’t realise how many bracelets we looked at! It was £80 down from £150 which is a good price and we liked it at first but, like the Versace ones above, they failed to stand out afterwards…


Bottega Bracelet 2

Right, final bracelet, I swear! Down to £95 to £280 so technically a far better deal than the one above! It’s also actually a really stunning colour in person (picture does it no justice!), a sort of cloudy, grey leather.


Dolce and Gabbana Heels

  Okay, actually we weren’t even considering these but don’t they look so… magical?! Not something I or my friend would ever wear (not more than once anyway…) but the design’s really eye-catching, isn’t it? If anyone ever has to stage Midsummer Night’s Dream and has the budget to blow on designer brand costumes, they’ll know where to look… not like that would ever happen.


Pandora Rings

Again, not really in the running but these are some of the rings from Pandora, I thought they were quite pretty actually but my friend isn’t a Pandora fan, what do you think?

FINALLY, I’m going to end off with a few pictures of some of the displays in the Versace store. We spent so long in there I was quite bored and just snapped away on my little iPhone camera. You can tell from the fact that the haul was all my friend’s that I’m not a very high-end type of shopper so the day was really all about me following her around and helping her pick stuff and taking pictures for the blog, lol. Which is why in Part 3 I’ll be writing about a top tip guide to shopping Bicester Village 😉

IMG_3720 IMG_3719  IMG_3715 IMG_3713

Hope you enjoyed that post!



What would you have bought?

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