Boots Star Gift #3 SEVENTEEN Complete Collection + A few other Boots deals now on

Hello my beauty lovers!

Today’s post is up a little late (usually it’s up wayyy earlier, isn’t it?) but as luck would have it, that’s a good thing because just as I was going to post this up at around 11am I decided to check my Parsi-Penny inbox (been swamped with work and hadn’t done in awhile) and realised that Boots’ PR had very helpfully sent through some pictures of this week’s Star Gift and some other offers they now have on!

The original post was just going to feature this week’s Star Gift (my favourite so far actually, although that isn’t saying much since this is only the 3rd one) plus Taylor Swift’s Enchanted Eau de Parfum at half off plus a couple random points codes but it’s going to be so much more now!

Right, so let’s start with the Star Gift of the week then!

SEVENTEEN Complete Collection

So as you can see from the picture above, this week’s Star Gift is perfect for all you makeup junkies out there!

It’s a very impressive collection of both makeup tools and product and it retails at £35 but for this week only (until midnight next Thursday) you can get it for £17. Once again, just ‘marginally better than half price’ since it’s technically just 50p below half price but let’s not split hairs I guess, a deal’s a deal!

In the set you will find:

  • 12 x SEVENTEEN Eyeshadows (23g total)
  • 5 x SEVENTEEN Lip Glosses (Peachy, Pink Ice, Fuzzy Yellow Petal, Nude and Very Berry. 5g total)
  • SEVENTEEN Blusher (Bramble Frost )
  • Limited Edition SEVENTEEN Bronzer (7.5g)
  • Limited Edition SEVENTEEN Metallic Eye Cream (5.5g)
  • Limited Edition SEVENTEEN Gel Eyeliner
  • Limited Edition SEVENTEEN Black Mascara (8ml)
  • SEVENTEEN Black and Coffee Eye Pencils
  • SEVENTEEN Photo Flawless Primer (15ml)
  • 5 x Make-up Brushes
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eyelash Curler

From what I could see from the video, the eyeshadow shades are a mix of shimmer and matte, with some dark colours for you to create a lovely, evening look but also some light pinks and brown/beige neutrals. Nothing extremely impressive but if you’re a huge makeup lover or someone who’s just entirely starting out this is the kit for you!

Have a look for yourself on the video here =) You can pause it at 58 seconds if you want a really good look at the full eyes and lips palette!

I’d say my favourite things about this kit are the eyelash curler (it looks so compact and easy to bring around!), the primer (wise to pop in a primer not foundation, as this will suit all skin tones) and the brushes. Everything in there seems suited for all skin tones so you’ll just need to add in your own foundation and this kit should help you be good to go with a full face of makeup!

Next, if you’ve received your free sample of Taylor and decided you quite like her scents in general, maybe the next deal is for you:

image008The current offer of the week at Boots is half price for celebrity perfumes! Funny, when did ‘celebrity perfumes’ start becoming a ‘thing’?! Doesn’t it seem like everyone has their own scent now?

Anyway, I do love the bottles in the Taylor Swift perfume range, they just seem so girly and magical. I think it’d make a really pretty and special Christmas gift for any girl and the 50ml bottle is now £14 down from £28!

Other perfumes that are half off include Britney Spear’s Fantasy 50ml at £12.50 down from £25.53 and Lady Gaga’s Fame 50ml at £16 down from £32. I also spotted scents from Beyoncé, Rihanna, David Beckham and Justin Bieber in there so, honestly, if your favourite scent right now is a celebrity one you might as well hightail it over to this page because you won’t be getting it any cheaper!

If you’re buying these as gifts, try to get to £40 (obviously, be smart about it, if you’re just £10 off from £40 go for it, if you’re, say, £20 off then forget it!) because then you can use the code FRST40 which will give you £5 off! That’s basically 12.5% off.

Also! There’s a Premium Boots Advantage Points Offer now on, if you shop between Saturday 19th October and Friday 25th October then you’ll get 720 points if you buy 2 or more premium beauty, fragrance or haircare! I think the celebrity fragrances count and 750 points translates to £7.20 worth of points. If you play it smart and hit £40 on 2 or more premium fragrances, you can potentially get £12.20 off which is roughly 30% off (or slightly more).

Finally, I’m not sure if these codes all stack but if you spend £50 on Boots using your mobile between 17th of Oct and 22nd and get free standard delivery, just enter the code MOBPTS for an additional £5 of points!

Right, that’s quite a lot of codes and such for today… I’ll be back tomorrow with another fantastic offer I spotted on Boots but don’t want to overload this post quite so much…



What’s your take on celebrity fragrances?

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