Lil Deal Alerts – Max Factor and Vichy freebies

Hello all!!

Apologies if today’s post looks a bit ‘basic’ in terms of formatting and such, I’m updating via my phone on my little iPhone app today and it’s kind of an experiment. So the look of the post might change over the day as I try tweaking it!

Anyway, have a couple of lovely freebies for you today!

The first is this amazing 2ml sample of Max Factor’s new Hydrating Whipped Creme foundation, as the name suggests it’s hydrating and a cream foundation… I don’t usually use sachet samples of makeup for travelling unless I already know that the shade/type of foundation in the sachet works well for me (nothing worse than having no other foundation option while on holiday!!) but it’s a great way for you to test out a full face of a new foundation without purchasing a bottle of it =)

To get this freebie, which will be posted directly to your door, you need a SuperSavvyMe account (I’ve done a review of this site before, they’re amazing so do open an account!) and then click on here to fill out a quick 1-word questionnaire. It basically just asks you what your shade is and you can choose between ivory, natural and golden. Sadly not a wide selection of shades but as it’s free just nab one anyway, you never know, if it’s a shade too light or dark you can always use it for contouring and you get a chance to test it’s consistency to decide if you’d want to invest in a full bottle =)

There are a massive 30,000 samples up for grabs but the first 100 requests will get full sized samples!! I don’t hold much hope for that but might as well get in there quick!!

Offer ends when it runs out of stock so hurry, the sample can take up to 28 days to be delivered.

The second freebie is from Vichy and they are giving out 30,000 (I see a pattern here…) of their Idealia Life Serum. This serum is meant to be applied on its own or under your daily moisturiser and should protect your skin from the daily problems of stress, pollution and unbalanced diets… Quite a hefty claim!! I assume it’s meant for daytime application just because it’s a ‘protecting’ thing. It’s meant to be suitable even for sensitive skin.

Just click here for the form on the Vichy website and you’ll be posted 2 sachets of 1.5ml each.

This offer is on till midnight Nov 1st or till stocks last so as usual might as well get in there quick. As usual with these things, allow up to 28 days for delivery =)

All from me for today! Hope you enjoyed those little deals 😉


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