Huge Nails Deal Alert – Urgent Deal Thursday and Friday Only

UPDATE: Here’s the link to buy it on the website here =)

Hellooo my beauty lovers!

I’ve an exciting little offer for all you nail polish buffs out there, if nails aren’t really your thing then feel free to skip ahead (actually, they aren’t really my thing because I bite my nails so I don’t have really nice, manicured, long nails… but a girl can dream…)

Nails-Inc-Mini-nail-polishI’m not sure if any of you have heard of Nails Inc but they do some amazing colours and won the 2012 Style Awards.

All that aside, what I really love about them is how they’ve named their colours! Everything is named after a street/location in London which I think is quite ingenious. I mean, today’s market is simply flooded with so many products, all of probably comparable quality, so anything that makes you stand out in terms of packaging or naming and that shows your brand has that extra creative flair is good in my book!

Anyway, today’s deal is about how you can get £77 worth of nail polish for just £18!

Nails Inc have done this kinda deal before but I think the last time they did it was over 3 months ago, so it’s not often/common by any means! Basically what they’re doing is putting together a lucky dip bag of 7 full-sized polishes (aka 10ml) for only £18.

The down side is that it’s only available online so there’ll also be a £3.75 delivery charge so the total goes up to around £22.

Considering that on the website at the moment they have a Pick and Mix offer of 3 polishes for £22 and that each polish is usually £11, this lucky dip is amazing value because it’s basically giving you almost 75% off per polish!

The hitch is that because it’s a lucky dip you don’t know what colours you’ll get (uh-oh) but apparently the list of shades that will be included in the dip include some of their limited editions and glitter polishes as well.

Personally, I think in general the price point for a Nails Inc polish is pretty steep, so this deal doesn’t actually make things ‘cheap’ it just makes their polishes suddenly affordable and value for money when previously I would never recommend them (like I said, I’m not really a nails person!).

If you love painting your nails and chances are you’ll be happy no matter colours you get, go for this! Conversely, if you’re quite picky then this deal probably isn’t for you.

However, considering that Christmas is near and a pot of polish would make a great stocking filler or little gift, I guess there’ll be no harm done if you get yourself a lucky dip just as a treat and then gift away any colours that you already have a similar shade of or just plain don’t fancy. I would consider doing that!

The deal will be live on the Nails Inc website here from Thursday (aka TOMORROW) at 5pm until Friday, so it’s a 24-hour only deal, don’t forget!!



If you get the lucky dip say what colours you got! =D

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