October Magazine Freebies #1 + Review

Hi All!

Today’s post is up later than I thought it’d be because I was so completely exhausted with camp plus a long rehearsal yesterday I think I concussed last night >_< On hindsight I should have prepared enough buffer posts to last till today but oh well! Hindsight is 20/20 eh?

So, today I’m going to talk about October magazine freebies, it’s well into the month now but better late than never I guess cuz all of these are still available in stores 😉


InStyle Oct 2013Usual Mag Price: £3.90 (but I hear it’s £2 this month!)


REN Skincare Set

Is it worth it:

Yes, the set is worth around £10 according to the folks over at MSE (Moneysavingexpert, they’re great at calculating values!)


I remember REN has featured as a mag freebie before and in general they get amazing reviews for their products. The products in this set are their Gentle cleansing milk (10ml), Global Protection day cream (10ml) and Active 7 eye gel (3ml). I would completely recommend their cleansing milk and day cream (which is basically an ultra hydrating and protecting moisturiser) for anyone with issues with sensitive skin, as both of these seem to be formulated with that in mind and really got some rave reviews from people with sensitive skin issues. The Active 7 eye gel seems to be getting pretty average reviews so don’t get the freebie just for that, it won’t be worth it!

Personally, I won’t be getting this as I’ve got enough travel-sized samples I want to use up/bring on holiday and my skin is as far away from sensitive as you can get (lol) but I do think it’s a great buy if you’re looking for some gentle skincare.

Marie Claire

loccitanearticle loccitaneportraitUsual Mag Price: £3.90


L’Occitane Hand cream

Is it worth it:

The handcream is worth £8 so yes!


I am a HUGE L’Occitane fan and I do think they’ve got the best formula out there when it comes to hand creams (also with moisturisers in general and conditioners… they just do very nourishing and moisturising products!). In fact, my friend who just visited the UK went home with a huge bag full of L’Occitane products and in general I would say their things are always value for money so I see this freebie as basically getting a 30ml of their hand cream at half price plus a free magazine thrown in =P

I would definitely get this, so hurry and pick your’s up! It’s available in 4 different types: Shea Butter, Subtle Violet, Passionate Jasmine and Rose Tenderness. The Shea Butter is their staple and most famous one, I can definitely vouch for how amazing it is but the other 3 are limited edition so if you’re a L’Occitane regular take the chance to try out one of the new ones 😉

Right, that’s all from me for today! Have an AMAZING week!



Will you be picking up a magazine this month?

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