Boots Star Gift #2 – Laura Ashley Ultimate Indulgence Gift Set + + 3 Months of Blogging WOOT!

Hellooo my lovelies!

It’s Sunday now, finally. I’m typing this at 5am on Friday morning not having slept yet as there’s still too much to prep for church camp this weekend, am cooking dinner for 55 people tonight, please wish me luck!!!

Also, did I mention right after we get back to London from camp on Sunday morning I’ll have to head off to direct a 6 hour rehearsal? Oh I love my work so much…

So chances are that as you’re reading this I’m lurching around somewhere zombie-style either trying to get back to London or desperately making my way through rehearsal. Well, hope your day is jogging along infinitely better than mine is!

First up! I mentioned the Boots Star Gift offer that they’ve got on for Christmas some time last week and as of Friday they’ve officially launched the next Star Gift for the week which is:

Boots Star Laura Ashley Gift

I’ve heard of Laura Ashley and while I know they’re a relatively premium, luxury body product brand I’ve always felt they’re a bit, erm, ‘mum-sy’? Not sure why! I find the packaging pretty but in a mildly retro kind of way… needless to say, I wouldn’t gift this to someone who’s, say in their early twenties and more into parties than bubble baths. Boots seems to agree, as the promo video for this gift seems to target an older age range than the last one.

The gift is meant to help you recreate your own spa experience day in your home, it contains:

  • Imperial Bloom Relax & Renew Bath Soak (250ml)
  • Imperial Bloom Enriching Body Butter (50ml)
  • Wild Blossom Moisture-Rich Body Lotion (200ml)
  • Wild Blossom Rejuvenating Body Polisher (70g)
  • Wild Blossom Uplifting Body Wash (200ml)
  • Imperial Bloom Indulgent Fragrance Mist (150ml)
  • Imperial Bloom Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream (50ml)
  • Emery Board
  • Bath Lily
  • Drawstring Bag

I think that’s a really impressive list of products, don’t you?! Retail price was £35 but on offer it’s now £17, it’s just a pound below half price (once again, quite cheeky putting a ‘Better than Half Price’ label on when it’s really ‘only marginally Better than Half Price’… but hey, take whatever offers you can get, right?

One thing I love about the gift is the gift box… I love keeping boxes that gift sets come in, I use them to store little cards, letters and random memorabilia (ie ‘sentimental junk’). I also quite like the drawstring bag but can’t really see myself actually using that for anything, anyone else have any ideas?

The products in the gift set are from the Wild Blossom and Imperial Bloom ranges. The Wild Blossom is meant to be invigorating and energising, so it’s a pick-me-up effect you’d be going after whereas Imperial Bloom is meant to relax you. This is actually a perfect combination, you won’t believe it but in my shower currently I have an invigorating shower gel and another more pampering and moisturising one (both from Dove) and I was literally just thinking about how I’m going to swear to make sure to always have those 2 options at hand because it covers all options really… So, big thumbs up from me!

This is available till Thursday the 17th, so get it quick for your mum or aunt or friend-who-is-into-these-luxury-bath-type-things! Or just for yourself =P To be honest, I wouldn’t get it for me but for very good reasons:

I don’t have a bath. I don’t use body lotions/body butters/hand creams. I know, I’m quite strange, somehow my skin is never, ever dry.

Before I sign off, one more thing…

It's been HOW long?!

It’s been HOW long?!

It’s been THREE MONTHS since I started this blog thanks to the persistent nagging of the Boyfriend who thought I should really start one, WHOOP DE WHOOP!

I always imagined it’d just be me writing to myself and maybe a couple other close friends but there’s around 75 followers now and I thank each and every one of you for following and reading!! I’m seriously considering doing a giveaway when I hit 113 (I know most people say 100 but why not do it differently, eh?), so if you’ve been reading and like what you see, FOLLOW =)

I still get excited with every new comment and every time I break my page views per day record, haha, how sad, but I hope I’ll never stop being excited about that.

And yes, I know I’ve used that cat picture twice before already… I couldn’t resist. Could you?

That’s all from me this Sunday! Hope you had a GREAT weekend and an even better week ahead,



Don’t you love that cat face?

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