Some Weekend Freebies – FREE Charles Worthington Condition + Win a Mollie King Maybelline Lipstick

Hello Beautiful People!

Woohoo, the weekend is finally here!

Today I have a couple of lovely freebies/giveaways for you to enter if you just happen to be lounging about this Saturday with a wee bit of spare time on your hands.

First up is the type of freebie deal that I absolutely love, which is a completely free sample that you get posted to you to your very door! Gotta love those… they tend to be just sachets of product but I always pop them into my travel bag for those overnight or weekend trips away! In fact, I’m away at a church camp this weekend too (not writing this from camp of course, I’m writing this on Thursday, being good and scheduling ahead!) and all my little sachets are going to come in very handy =)

The freebie in question this weekend is the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave-In Conditioner:

Charles Wortihington Moisture Seal

If you’re the type that loves a bit of Argan Oil then you’ll like this range, everything in the Moisture Seal line (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner etc) has Argan Oil in it and is also fragranced with lime. Not sure how I feel about that as ‘citrus’ brings to me mind the thought of something perky but dry! We’ll see I guess =)

Reviews online say that the leave-in condition is amazing for dry hair but can feel a bit greasy afterwards… I guess you can just try it for yourself and see since this is a free sample but just in case I would put it on and leave it in overnight rather than apply it to hair just before leaving the house. I’m the sort that just can’t stand my hair being greasy as it’s already prone to being a little oily, having greasy hair all day would drive me a bit mad!

To request your sample just click here and fill out the registration form, all very straightforward. The offer’s valid till Nov 3rd but stocks might run out earlier so get in there quick! Delivery can take up to 28 days. I always tend to forget what I’ve ordered by the time I get them, so it’s a bit of a nice surprise.

Next up is a less exciting freebie offer because it isn’t really a freebie, it’s a competition giveaway so you might not get the item in question.

Mollie King Maybelline

The lipstick shade is what Mollie King’s modelling in this picture!

Maybelline is hosting a giveaway of 1000 of their Colour Sensational lipsticks in the shade Fuchsia Flash, apparently Mollie King’s favourite shade, and it will feature Mollie King’s signature on the lipstick as well.

To be honest, I’m not really familiar with who Mollie King is but I do think it’s pretty cool to have a signed lipstick none-the-less and it’s still a free lipstick at the end of the day. I quite like the shade as well, it would be an amazing burst of colour for the dreary winter days again!

To enter just fill in the application form here, the last day for entry is the 31st of October and winners will be notified by post on the 20th of November. 1000 is a good number to have in a giveaway so you’d actually stand a chance of winning! =)

Well, good luck to everyone who enters and enjoy your free conditioner!!



What do you think of Fushcia Flash?

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