October Beauty Giveaways – EasyLiving and Japanese Brand DHC Beauty

Hello my lovely ladies,

Right, in true Penny-style I’ve not yet covered the 2nd giveaway that’s going on this month although I already talked about the 1st giveaway way back at the beginning of the month!! And I was so proud of myself for getting that giveaway up on the 1st of the month too so your chances of winning were higher =P

Forgive me but better late than never, eh?

This month, Easy Living is back with yet another daily giveaway but this time in conjunction with DHC!


For those that don’t know about it, DHC is a Japanese beauty brand that does both makeup and skincare products. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never heard of this brand before and it’s not due to ignorance of the Eastern beauty market because I really love a lot of products from the Asian beauty market because their products can be completely different from the Western market just because the consumers from the East seem to have different beauty concerns (interesting thoughts about the ‘concept of beauty’ is in this somewhere!!). So you get products that focus a lot on skin whitening, for example, or extremely fine, thing and precise eyeliners. I think the best liquid eyeliner pen I’ve ever used has to be from Clio, a Korean brand.

Still, according to Easy Living, DHC is Japan’s No. 1 online skincare brand, hmm interesting! They’ve now also become available in the UK at Selfridges and I would completely be wanting to check their products out except for what I would consider the middle to high price point that they have. For example, their Liquid Eyeliner EX looks amazing but I’m not paying £16 for it!! Eep… I will, however, be definitely entering this giveaway on the days when the eyeliner is featured as a prize 😉

Oh, one more thing! This brand might be more of interest to those of you who are skincare and cleansing junkies, the star products from this company are their Deep Cleansing Oil and their Velvet Skin Coat (a primer), both of which incorporate exceptional high-grade olive oil in the ingredients. Olive oil seems to be a major thing with them too! So if you’re the type that likes natural oils/ingredients on your face, this brand is also for you.

But enough about the brand! Everything looks pretty awesome and you can see for yourself the full list of prizes here but listed below are my top picks from the prizes:

Liquid Eyeliner EX (£16) – It’s up on Oct 8 and Oct 18, so there’s 2 chances for us to win this! It looks like it has an extremely defined tip and the formula is meant to be quick drying and water-resistant.

Deep Cleansing Oil (£21.50) – 16th and 30th. Well, since it’s a star product! Apparently it’s full of vitamin E and is also hydrating, so if you’re the type that has very uncomfortable, tight skin after cleansing this would be good for you.

Velvet Skin Coat (£17) – 26th. Another star, also I love a good primer!!

Extra Concentrate (£34) – 14th and 27th. Oh my! The 2nd most expensive thing in this giveaway is this set of 5 vials of collagen-enriched serum, meant to fight wrinkles with a vengeance it seems… I would try this just out of curiosity.

Perfect Pro Double Proctection Mascara (£14.50) – 13th and 29th. I love mascaras so couldn’t resist highlighting this one too! It’s one of those tubing technology mascaras (have you ever heard of those? No? They’re more common in Asia where the fiber mascaras first took off as well), I’ve tried those before and I do like them so I’d highly recommend you give one a try too!

Pore Milk, Pore Essence and Pore Lotion (all £28 each) – These are being given out separately on the 10th, 15th and 28th but if you’re interested in one you’re probably interested in them all! Together they basically form a skin cleansing routine that’s meant to help unclog pores, prevent excess sebum and tighten pores/keep pores tight. I feel the Asian market really has a lot of products focused on pore minimisation (not just covering pores up ie with Porefesssional but actually diminishing the pesky little things!!) so surely they must be good at it?! Have oily skin myself, this is very interesting to me! Hoping I get to try one out =)

Funnily enough on the 20th they also have a product called ‘Olive Virgin Oil’ which I assume it meant to be ‘Virgin Olive Oil’? Unless they deliberately switched the words around so it sounds less like something you pick up in Tesco’s and more like an item you’d get at Boots. It’s primarily for moisturising and not really my cup of tea but if you’re into moisturising and using essential oils check that out too since the company is famous for their high grade olive oil which they put into most of their products.

Finally, to enter the giveaway itself click here , if you need a hint the answer is ‘Kale’ 😉

Have fun entering!



Which DHC product is your favourite? =)

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