Boots Points Event ALERT!!! + some offers on NOW

Helloooo Budget Lovers!

I’m sure you regular readers are well aware of my LOVE of the Boots Points events, some time ago they had a great 10 points for £1 promotion and before that I did a haul post for their £7.50 worth of points for every £30 spent!

Boots really like to reward their shoppers with different points events each time, they don’t just run the same old thing either and that’s one thing I really love about Boots that makes them trump Superdrug in my opinion every time. In terms of in-store offers I feel Boots and Superdrug are comparable but the Boots Points take the cake!! (only thing is only Superdrug stocks MUA… sigh)

This time the offer is:


As you can see from the picture above, the offer is £12 of points for every £75 spent online BUT if you spend the money in-store you’ll get £12 of points for every £50! The offer is on at selected stores only and depending on which store is nearest to you it’s either on for Wednesday 9th October or Thursday 10th October. Read on for more info on which stores are running the offer and when =)

Okay, so a quick run-down for those unfamiliar with Boots Advantage Card Points: usually you get 4 points per £1 spent and every point is equivalent to 1p. Which means 100 points is £1, so basically every £25 you spend you earn £1 in points. It’s nice but it’s not exactly a amazing deal because if you think mathematically you’re getting a pithy 4% discount on every item you buy which is not a lot but then again most loyalty cards have about the same rates of repayment.

Of course, if you’re smart and save points to use during special events and such you get a lot more out of them and Boots Advantage Cards also get you vouchers/discounts if you use them in the in-store Advantage Card machines but that’s a whole other story…

With this deal, what’s happening is that where you would only gain 200 points (for spending £50) you would instead get 1200, which means 6 times more points than you’d usually get! That also translates to a 24% discount!!! See, it’s much easier on the mind when you think of it that way, isn’t? Do try to avoid buying online if you can because that’s only a 16% discount, far better than the usual 4% but a whole 10% off from the 24% you could get.

It’s a great deal, comparable to the Summer Points event and way better than the 10 Points Per £1 event BUT the only thing that makes me wince and kinda not like this event is the very steep minimum spend… omg £50?! I hardly ever spend that in Boots! Then again, thinking back I actually spent £60 during the Summer Points Event (can’t believe I miscalculated by so much…) but thankfully got £15 worth of points because of it… So maybe £50 isn’t that hard to pull off after all!

If you’re thinking you’ll hit £100, then split it into 2 lots of £50 of course, so you get 2400 points. Otherwise I think you’ll just get the 1200 and then the usual 4 points per £1 for every pound spent over £50. Not sure but just in case!

On second thoughts, I think the minimum spend is so high because this is being marketed as their Christmas event (what, already?!?!) and the idea is to get people spending to buy their Christmas presents and things ultra-early. I’m willing to bet that more points events are on the cards in the coming weeks in the lead-up to Christmas since this one is out so early! So don’t worry about going all out if you really can’t.

Do band together with friends and try to hit the £50 mark if you can but let me throw in my usual caution: DON’T GO BUYING THINGS YOU DON’T NEED.

Yep, you heard me! If you run through your wish-list and have a look in Boots and realise it only comes up to, say, £20 worth of stuff, please don’t be tempted by this offer, it’s not worth it. It’ll make you over-spend by £30!!! On the other hand, if you have about £40 worth of things you do wanna buy then I would advise you to try and make the offer because with 1200 points that’s basically £12 you get back on your card… so an overspend of £10 gives you a ‘gain’ of £2 (see what I mean?).

The list of participating Boots Stores is right here, the good thing is most stores also have extended opening hours to 10pm or 11pm since it’s a one-day only event so those of you working women out there can pop in after work! Drag a couple colleagues along and band your purchases together!

Also, a little Boots points tip: like what I did in my summer haul, try to lump offers together so look out for 3 for 2 deals, they always have them. Currently they have them on Maybelline, L’Oreal and Soap and Glory. A few other deals include Pantene’s buy 1 get 1 free (I always get a shampoo and conditioner when these are on), half price on Herbal Essences, quite a few hair colours are 2 for xx amount so you could team up with a friend or stock up on hair colour and Bourjois has some selected products £2 off (I recommend their little round pot cream blushers and healthy mix foundation! Got both of those during my summer haul and am still using both happily, have actually hit pan on the blusher so might need to get another and it’s only been 3 months?!). Oh, oh, and also there seems to be a 3 for 2 running across a range of skincare! So if you’re looking at serums take advantage since those usually cost a hefty amount!

I’m currently still on the look-out for a good defined eyeliner and also some fall lip colours (a true red and something more dark berry) and I need to stock up on shampoo/conditioner plus blush, so I just might try for this! Let me know if you’ve got any recommendations on products and also what you think 😉

Remember, you don’t need to just get makeup or skincare from Boots! There’s also bath/body products, hair products, food (yes, food!), eye products (so things like contact lens solution?), electronics etc. etc…

Anyway, I’m off to do some research on what I’d want to buy and add numbers up… I swear I’m the geekiest beauty buff I know… have fun and looking forward to seeing your hauls!!



ps: I swear today I was going to sit down and do my epic high-end haul post but then THIS points event comes up and how could I ignore it?! Especially since some stores are running the promotion on Wednesday aka TODAY! Sorry, it’ll be up tomorrow (I hope).

pps: if you’re in the oxford street boots on Thursday and you see a girl staring intently at various products and looking like she adding up numbers in her head to calculate discounts and make up £50… that’s probably me.

Anyone actually started Christmas Shopping yet?!

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