Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Taylor by Taylor Swift Fragrance Sample + Review

Hi All!

I was going to do an epic haul post for today but I spotted this free fragrance sample and it’s a first-come-first-served kinda offer so I thought I should post it up asap!

It’s a pretty straight-forward deal so this post is going to be a quick one. Also, it’s a must-read for all you Taylor Swift fans out there!! ūüėČ


So, without further ado, in conjunction with Boots and a few other perfume retailers, the Taylor Swift Fragrances UK Facebook group seems to be running an official sample giveaway of the new Taylor by Taylor Swift fragrance!

Fans will know that this isn’t the first perfume she’s launched, she¬†unveiled her first fragrance, Wonderstruck, in 2011 followed by¬†Wonderstruck Enchanted in Fall 2012.¬†But unlike the first two, Taylor is unique as it’s not inspired by fairytales but is more personal to the singer because it reflects her own style (apparently).

The fragrance itself¬†is ‘a sweet, floral-fruity fragrance with a woody base’,¬†online descriptions have included a whole host of smells/ingredients including:¬†lychee, tangerine, magnolia petals, peony, hydrangea, vanilla orchid, sandalwood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk and soft woods. Eep! That’s either a very superbly constructed scent or the sort of buffet where you over-stuff yourself! But I guess if it’s a free sample it’s worth going for anyways, huh?

I have to say, what I do really love is the bottle. Admit it, don’t most us girls buy perfume because of the lovely bottles they come in?! You wouldn’t get a horrid scent obviously but I do think the bottle is half the persuasion factor in these things. The bottle just looks so elegant with the crystal¬†base and crystal stopper¬†and yet youthful with the bold colours! I’m not so keen on the pearl detailing around the top but they don’t stand out too much…

Anyway! In this giveaway you’ll be sent a 2.5ml Eau de Parfum spray, which means it should come in a little spray bottle kind of like the Jo Malone one (which you can see here). I love it when samples come in little bottles and not just sachets so go, go, go for this please!

The 30ml bottle costs ¬£19.55 so this freebie is basically worth only about ¬£1.67 but it’d still be a pretty nifty little spray to pop into your travel beauty pouch or in your handbag =)

To get this just click on the registration page here, you need to like the facebook page and then the registration form will show up. It’s the usual deal with names, addresses and email.

This deal will either end on 4.59pm on 30th Oct or when stocks run out, they’re giving out 6000 samples so that’s quite a lot but get in there QUICK just in case!

If you’re lucky, you’ll receive your sample in about 28 days, good luck!



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