Christmas Deals – Boots Weekly ‘Star Gifts’ + Review

Hello All!

It’s that awkward time of year again, when Christmas seems just far away enough that it’s mildly ludicrous that the stores are stocking Christmas items/running Christmas offers, yet it also seems like the festivities are lurking just behind the corner after the next one… close enough to mildly panic those of us who care about buying Christmas gifts and throwing Christmas parties.

Actually, did you know the earliest Christmas shop to open this year was the Selfridges Christmas shop that opened in June, yes June!

I’ve begun to spot a few good Christmas-related offers popping up so am starting a new series titled ‘Christmas Deals’, however, as you’ll soon see from today’s deal, it doesn’t have to have anything to do with Christmas at all!

What I mean is, you don’t have to be planning a Christmas dinner to take advantage of a cheap turkey nor do you have to be getting anyone Christmas gifts to make use of today’s Boots offer because you can actually just buy the heavily discounted product for yourself… go on, I know you want to, I promise I won’t tell…

Enough faffing about, let’s get on to the deal!!

Right, every year around Christmas time Boots does this amazing offer called ‘Star Gifts’ where each week they will have a ‘better than half price’ offer on a product, it’s usually a gift set as the idea is that you’ll be buying someone special an amazing gift for far, far less. They’ve just launched it for this year and the very first Star Gift is *drumroll please*…

boots star gift juicy couture

Yes, your eyes deceive you not, it’s a Juicy Couture fragrance gift set!!

Right, now to inject some practicality into the fun.

Remember, just because something’s on a huge offer doesn’t mean you have to buy it! That’s what this blog is for, not only to highlight the deals but also to help you decide if you really want/need them or not =) I mean, in the end no matter what offers/deals a company offers they’re obviously still turning a profit somehow and are probably making more of a profit when they do an offer, which hints to us that offers probably make consumers spend more than we really should/want to.

SO, let’s look at this week’s offer, shall we?

Firstly, I think it’s a little cheeky that they’ve reduced something from £60 to £29.50, which is basically 50p less than half price, and then labelled it ‘Better than 1/2 Price’! Doesn’t anyone else feel that way? Not that I don’t think it’s a fantastic reduction in itself but still if you want to make use of the ‘wow’ factor of a ‘better than 1/2 price’ label than it’s only decent to offer something that’s actually better than 1/2 price. This is what I would call ‘marginally better than 1/2 price’, to be pedantic…

But onto the gift itself. The gift set contains: Viva la Juicy Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml, Nail Lacquer Duo in pink and black, Viva la Juicy Parfum Rollerball and Lip Gloss Duo, Juicy Couture Stiletto Charm and a shocking pink metallic Cosmetic Bag.

The Viva La Juicy fragrance is JC’s best-selling scent, the primary scents are wild berries and juicy mandarin and it’s meant to smell both sweet and glamorous at the same time. I feel it fits their brand image perfectly, I suppose that goes without saying though as a successful brand is always one that has thought long and hard about their branding!! A 30ml bottle would usually cost around £30.00 anyway so money-wise if you’re already a Viva La Juicy fan and would probably get the perfume for yourself anyway, this is pretty much a must-buy!! You get all those other things thrown in ‘free’!!

And if you’re not a Viva La Juicy fan but you’re a huge Juicy Couture fan and know you’d probably want to invest in their scents, the Viva is probably your best bet (it’s their most recognisable fragrance after all).

You can get their pink and black nail lacquer duo for pretty cheap online (a quick search found a few below £5 options on sites like eBay), so don’t get the gift set just for that obviously. If you’re getting it for the perfume as I’ve mentioned above then it’s good to note that I think the ‘rock chick, sweet yet edgy’ image that comes with pink and black are very JC colours. If you like the scent, you probably like the look of these colours.

I think my favourite product in this is the Parfum Rollerball and Lip Gloss Duo, it’s just so incredibly useful!! The gloss itself is a sparkly pink and looks to be relatively sheer so you are probably good to pop it over most lip colours and I love the rollerball! Ideal for touch-ups on the go or popping into your tiny clutch during a night out (and you know you’ll need a touch-up of perfume on a big night out!!). It’s usually around £10 so again not worth getting the whole set just for this but I feel it’s well worth having as a freebie thrown in!

Not too excited about the Juicy stiletto charm it’s very pretty but then again I’m not a charms sort of girl. If you like to accessorise your phone/bag/wallet/whatever then this is for you. It’s a pretty small charm though, not the huge clunky sort you put on handbags. I’d say it’d look best on a phone but most people don’t have phone charms nowadays! Personally, if I ended up getting the gift set for myself, I’d probably gift the charm away separately… haha!

Finally! I do love the look of that metallic pink bag and it’d make a really fun makeup bag if I needed one (as you can see here, I don’t! haha).

All in all, my conclusion is that if your friend loves Viva La Juicy Parfum to bits (or you know that she will) or if you yourself love that scent to bits, then do get this gift set, you’re getting a very good deal! Other than buying it primarily for the perfume, it’s not that big of a deal.

Click here to find out more about the gift set from the Boots website and also to buy it online, it’s also available in larger Boots stores.

The deal ends on Thursday so make up your minds quick! Then we can all sit tight for Friday in anticipation of what comes out next…



So, will you be getting this deal? =)

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Deals – Boots Weekly ‘Star Gifts’ + Review

  1. Oh I can’t start thinking about Christmas yet but this is just so great! Actually this year I’ll have to have everything bought in the first two weeks of November…..ahhhh. Good tiiming!

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