Some Giveaways for Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just a really quick and short post today, awhile back I did a post that included an epic Swoosh competition for Clarins (read it here).


Well, they’ve another competition up now which is great! It’s extremely straightforward, just register here and stand a chance to win 1 of 10 gift baskets worth £500. Now with only 10 prizes I don’t think chances are all that high but with such a big prize in store it’s probably worth entering anyway! =)

If you’ve nothing much to do today, then another thing you should check out are the free mini beauty treatments that Molton Brown are doing!

untitled (17)

Molton Brown call themselves ‘London’s Bath and Body Connoisseurs’ and are what I’d consider a high-end or semi-luxury brand specialising in things like bath products/treatments/scented candles, pampering-type things (you get the picture).


Currently, they’re also offering either a free mini facial or a hand and arm massage! Honestly, I’ve trawled the internet for a long time and I can’t find a decent review on these treatments so I’m sorry I can’t give more info on them but reviews on Molton Brown stuff (particularly their soaps and fragrances) all seem extremely positive and it sounds like it should be a relaxing experience.

In any case, it’s free! Apparently you’re welcome to just walk in-store but I’d advise finding your nearest branch and ringing in first just in case 😉 The store finder is here.

Finally! This isn’t really beauty related but I’m not sure if any of you fun-loving peeps are aware… next week is officially London Cocktail Week!


I’m probably the last person ever to advocate going out and getting hammered but that’s why I love a good cocktail, it’s not the sort of thing you’d get drunk off your face on, make it a relaxing evening out with a couple of friends and enjoy some of the £4 cocktail deals I’ve been spotting around the place.

To get in on the events and the discounted cocktails you’ll need to first buy a £10 wristband that is non-transferable (so no cheeky passing it between friends, which is something I know I would have tried… but don’t! Because if you cut it off or break it the wristband is invalidated and you don’t get another one for your 10 quid). The annoying thing is that I really don’t want to be wearing the same wristband for a week (what about work?!) but neither would I want to waste the wristband! Urgh…

Anyway, it still seems pretty worth it because the timetable of events looks chock full of some free events, including cocktail mixing master-classes and some amazing looking tasting sessions! You might possibly need to get there early though as sometimes the events have limited capacity.

Also, for those makeup lovers out there, Shu Uemura will be doing make-overs plus giving £10 worth of eye make-up at their store on Monmouth Street every day from 12noon to 7pm, however this is only valid for wristband holders and I think you also need to buy a ticket which cost £10. More on this over the week, I’m not sure if it’s a good deal yet!

In any case, it’s worth having a look for yourselves to see if anything catches your fancy 😉 Have a great sunday and a lovely week!



What are you up to this Sunday? =)

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