Review – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

Hello All!

I’m well aware I’ve a huge backlog of reviews to write/post up plus a lot of hauls I’ve promised to do (the crazily epic hauls my friend did in Bicester and at Primark during her visit here… took my breath away and toned my upper arms lugging it around for her). Eep, sorry if some of these end up going up very very late! It’s just that sometimes a good deal comes up and I really want to post that up first. At this rate I don’t think I’ll be able to do a decent post on my trip to Lisbon until Christmas =P

Anyway, enough about that, on to today’s review!

It’s the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion Plus and first off I think the name is a MOUTHFUL, with a capital everything in bold. Would you ever walk up to a counter and ask for a sample of this??


Here it is! This is the 50ml bottle, it looks exactly the same as the old Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion without the ‘+’ doesn’t it?

For those of you who are familiar with Clinique, you’ll know that their Dramatically Different Moisturiser range (it comes as a gel or lotion depending on your skin type) is pretty well-known, it has a light texture that sinks into the skin very well and just re-hydrates beautifully. It’s been around for a long time and has always been pretty popular but part of me always felt that for the money (and if you just want moisturising) a cheaper drugstore alternative might do just as well.

When the new ‘plus’ version came out a lot of views/opinions were divided, the general consensus being ‘why mess with a good formula?!’. It’s kind of like how they’ve recently released a new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but I’ll say it again, kudos to Estee and Clinique (owned by the same group by the way!!) for not just hitching on an old formula’s success but actively trying to keep improving their products!

When there were a lot of Clinique offer codes floating around a couple months back I decided to grab the + moisturiser as well because I’m a naturally curious cat (you can read that haul here) and now I’ve used it for a good month or so here’s the review!

Okay, my first impressions are that it looks exactly the same. Which I don’t really mind. Clinique obviously puts a lot of stock into their image/branding and are hardly adventurous with their packaging, that’s not really ‘their thang’ but it’s ok.

When I first applied the moisturiser I have to admit, they kept true to their promise of making the texture exactly the same as the previous one! I could feel no difference whatsoever, very silky, very soft and it sinks into the skin. It doesn’t just lay on top of the skin. You could use it in the daytime under your makeup, it wouldn’t feel too thick or greasy. It’s also obviously very moisturising, whenever I’ve applied it I’ve always just taken it up to under my eyes and used it as an under-eye moisturiser as well, it works fine for that.


Apologies for the sallow skintone here, it’s the lighting I swear.
As you can see, the lotion’s the same yellow colour as before and it blends in really easily, there’s just a sheer sheen where I’ve smoothed it in and if I’d rubbed it in more even that disappears.

Only one thing that felt different was that when I first used it I thought it had a different scent but not I can’t smell it at all! Is it just me? I know I have a pretty bad sense of smell in general so if anyone else has noticed that please let me know so I know I’m not crazy…

The new plus moisturiser promises to strengthen your skin’s own natural moisture barrier so that your skin stays hydrated all day. Short of conducting chemical experiments on my own skin cells I can’t verify this for sure but I can say that while I usually have flaky skin if I skip a day or two of moisturising (I’m just lazy with my skincare sometimes… sorry skin!) recently that hasn’t happened and my skin also seems less prone to tightness after a hot shower.

However, this moisturiser does cost £17 for 50ml and a drugstore equivalent would be a fraction of that price! Unless you suffer from very, very dry skin I’d advise you to seek another alternative first (like Simple which is the cheapest moisturiser I’ve ever come across or Olay, I actually have a review courtesy of a friend that I need to remember to put up for an Olay night cream…). Save your money (if you’ve got spare) for a nice nourishing serum or something. Unless Clinique has a really good promotion rolling around, which they actually often do.

Personally, now that I have it, I do like the moisturiser and I will be using it for quite awhile. I don’t foresee myself needing any new moisturisers for a long time yet (actually haven’t even finished using the Simple one!!) so smack me on the back of the hand if you see me reaching out for a new moisturiser, will you? Because I don’t need one!

To end off, this new Plus moisturising is £17 for 50ml in either a bottle (what I have) or a tube. It’s also £28 for a 125ml bottle and £29.5 for a 125ml bottle with pump. I highly, highly advise you either going for the tube or the pump!! I used to have a 125ml of the pump bottle for the old moisturiser and I never knew how easy that made my life until I decided to get just the bottle… luckily the lotion solution is very liquid-y and flows out of the bottle easily but I can imagine the gel is thicker and I’m the type that would be frustrated at not being able to get that last 4% of gel out of the bottom corners of the bottle…



What moisturiser do you use?

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