Recycle for a Free Origins Skincare Sample

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Now and then some beauty or fashion houses come up with a good way to promote recycling, for example a year back or so when H&M did that thing where if you brought in a bag of old clothes you got a £5 voucher for H&M (not a bad deal as I’m sure many of us have at least a bagful of clothes that will never ever see the light of day and cost us more in storage than anything else).

Part of me is always cynical and think ‘oh they’re just doing that for good publicity’ or for some other benefit but I suppose in a world where almost every campaign encourages rampant consumerism I suppose anything else that moves vaguely in a contrary direction is a welcome change so I shouldn’t complain!

So yes, back to the topic, Origins is giving away a free skincare sample and also promoting recycling at the same time, 2 birds with one stone!

Origins Recycle

This is what the recycling bin at the Origins stores/counters look like.

This freebie is very, very simple, just bring any amount of empty cosmetic packaging to any Origins counter and they will give you a, and I quote, ‘1-time use sample’ of one of their skincare products.

In case you’re at all confused, just to clarify:

1) Empty cosmetic packaging probably means any ’empties’ for makeup and/or skincare. So if you’ve an empty tube of something, an empty tub of eye-cream, something you’ve hit pan in etc. etc., any of these count! And this offer is regardless of brand so it doesn’t matter if your empty isn’t an Origins one. I think even empties of face wash or shampoo/conditioner should count (the line between toiletry and cosmetic is blurry to me!). If you’re not sure you can comment below and I’ll let you know if I think it fits the category.

2) It doesn’t matter whether you bring in 1 empty or 20, you’ll still only get 1 free sample. So common sense tells you that if you have 2 or more empties you can step around the system by bringing them into different Origins counters or going to the counter again another day to get more samples, that’s a little cheeky but hey!

3) Find your nearest Origins counter here

4) A ‘1-time use sample’ sounds to me like a sachet of something, so to avoid disappointment don’t be expecting a little tube or tub of product. These will still be good for travelling with anyway!

Obviously, this freebie isn’t the best because it actually involves some effort on our part but considering it’s for a good cause I’d be more than happy to do it, I suppose recycling is something we should be doing anyway and Origins is giving us 2 bonuses on top of it by (a) recycling the stuff for us and (b) giving us a freebie for recycling!

Still, it probably won’t be worth you making a trek into town just to get a sachet of freebie so plan your day well and make this a detour in your routine rather than the reason why you go out.

Finally, I know not everyone will have an empty in time to take advantage of this deal and this deal is on ’till stocks last’ which is a very vague period of time… my advice to you is if you’re not due to finish anything soon I’m willing to bet you have at least 1 product in your cupboard that you haven’t touched in almost 2 years and which you should probably chuck out now anyway. Just empty out said product and bring that packaging in for the freebie swap =)

You can check out the official website for this here, it’s a collaboration between Origins and Recycle Bank.



Have fun recycling =D Let me know if you get a sample!

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