Quick Lil Deal Alert – Chance to Win a Revlon Skinlights

Hello All!

Just got home a couple hours ago and have been working non-stop! It’s so infuriating, I have loads of reviews/hauls/pictures I want to put up but I just don’t have the time to do them, so I find myself just doing lil deal alerts everyday, really sorry for the lack of variety recently!

Anyway, today is all about Revlon Photoready Skinlights!

So, this product promises to ‘Banish dullness and even out skin with light-capturing crystals and photochromatic pigments’, which to me translates as being a product that would offer very light coverage (if it’s meant to cover at all) and also sounds like a cross between that new ‘blur technology’ thing that L’Oreal has come up with and the much-loved YSL Touche Éclat (except this is in a tube not a pen).

untitled (13)

It’s kind of deceptive because when I first saw the packaging I thought it was a whole foundation! It’s not though, it’s meant to be used as a highlight either alone or with foundation, so don’t go applying it to your whole face.

Revlon are giving out 4000 of these which is a great number, odds are good I think!

Just click over here, they have 4 shades on offer so choose which is your shade (or you can be cheeky and apply for all 4 but why would you?!), it’ll bring you briefly to a Facebook alert page and then back to the website where there’ll be a very short registration page. Usual she-bang with email, address and name and then you’re all done =)

This ends on the 4th of Oct and winners will receive their prizes another 4 to 6 weeks after that.

Good luck everyone!



What do you think of the cape? =)

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