New Fall Outerwear from H&M plus some Cheeky Little H&M Online Codes

Hello All!

I’ve got a new coat for Autumn! Which is big news for me since the last time I got one was 4 or 5 years ago and while I love it (it’s just a simple black jacket that’s water-proof and great to move around in) the sleeves are fraying and I had to admit it was time for a change…

My friend who visited not long ago actually picked this out for me, she’s got a great eye for fashion (that’s her industry actually and she works in fashion marketing) and spotted this online from all the way in Asia. It’s this cute little H&M cape that you can see here below:

cape H&MCan you imagine, she spotted it on the website and one of the first things she wanted to do when she got to London was to drag me to every H&M along Oxford Street so she could get one. Every store was completely out! So we had to order it online, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as that meant I could use some discount codes I found 😉

First, let me give a little review on the cape…

bad cape

Capes tend to look like the above a lot of the time, which looks cool and all when you’re swishing your way down a street and it flaps around you dramatically but let’s face it, those little arm slits don’t give you room to do anything and it’s not the most sophisticated design is it, just a flap of material with slits in? (I know it’s probably more complicated than that but that’s what it translates to!!)

So basically, it’s not versatile, doesn’t do much for your silhouette and it’s quite restrictive. Which is why however cute I find a cape I’ve never got one. Until I found the first one above which my friend picked out and here it is again, this time modelled by a blonde.


It’s a smart little tweak on the design, isn’t it?! Perhaps I’m ignorant and this ‘has been done’ but I love two things about it: (1) the arm slits (more versatile and this means you can stick your hands out and tuck them into your pockets without ruining the ‘cape effect’ and (2) the little belt, which gives you a lovely silhouette without, once again, losing the ‘cape effect’.

I’m sure there are far more sophisticated ways of putting what I’ve written above into words but that’s all I have in my vocabulary about capes I’m afraid! Have a look on the H&M website to grab yourself one if your outerwear needs an updating, like mine! 😉

Oh, one more thing I personally love, the epaulette type things on the shoulders! For a garment that’s so loose and flowing like the cape, this adds a lovely bit of structure and detail =)

By the way, the cape costs £34.99 but if you use the codes below you could potentially get it for closer to £25…

Okay, and now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the discount codes!!

H&M always has a few codes you can use on their online store, so word of advice is to ALWAYS google for codes before purchasing any of their stuff online, lucky thing is that currently there’s about 3 codes floating around and if you stack them correctly you get a hefty discount!

All these codes are to be applied at checkout.

First code I used was this: 0747 – this gives you 25% off one item over £6 (do be aware of which item it’s applied to if you’ve more than one in your basket, you want the most expensive one!)

Second code I stacked on top of that was: 1304 – this gives you £5 off your total, I think it has a minimum spend of £11.

There’re occasionally free delivery codes as well, sadly not at the moment but do google before you buy every time! However, you can usually only use 2 codes at a time so at the time I bought the capes (one for me and one for my friend) since delivery is only worth £3.90 it made more sense to pay full delivery and get the 25% and £5 off, it really depends on how much your basket is worth =)

Right! That’s all from me for today =) As usual, remember that no matter how tempting a deal is don’t actually use it unless you need to buy something… if your Autumn wardrobe needs an updating and you’ve been eyeing something from H&M I hope these codes bring you some joy!!



What do you think of the cape? =)

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