Urgent Deal Alert – Dorothy Perkins Pop-up Event [aka sale]

Hello all!

So, this post was completely unscheduled and unplanned but as I was walking along Oxford Street on Thursday I caught sight of something I thought you’d find very interesting.

By the way, you know how some people have selective hearing? I must have selective seeing, because I’m also missing things and bumping into lampposts/tripping over street corners and yet if there’s a ‘SALE’ sign or a shop front with little ‘%’ signs in it, I will spot it even from a mile away. I have some sort of psyche power attuned to spotting deals…

Anyway, back to the deal! Just yesterday I was in Dorothy Perkins with my mum (being a good girl and following her around as she did her shopping) and there wasn’t a sale on or even a hint of a sale (it isn’t even a sale period so you wouldn’t expect one) and suddenly today we walked past another DP and OMG there’s these ‘30%‘ off signs like Everywhere! Wha… huh?

untitled (11)Turns out that DP every now and then does this little ‘Fashion Pop Up Event’ where they offer up to 30% off on selected lines, both online and in-store.

I know DP isn’t exactly top on the bloggers’ list of retailers that they love, brands like Primark or ASOS seem to get blogged about a lot and I guess ASOS is a lot more trendy and Primark has the cheap factor but it seems like Dorothy Perkins and River Island (to name a few) are trying their best to catch up (especially with celebrity tie-ins, like Rihanna for River Island).

So anyway, if you haven’t considered shopping at Dorothy Perkins before, now’s the time to ‘pop’ into a shop to have a look (geddit? Pop up event? pop in? eh hehehehe).

The best thing about this sale? Most sales are after a season (ie the July sales saw all the spring/summer collections being reduced because we’re entering Autumn/Winter) but this Pop Up Event is on the upcoming season! So if you need to be stocking up on Autumn/Winter items, this is one of those rare times you’ll get your next season’s items on sale right before the season itself!!!

You can either go into a store to see what’s on sale or check it out online here, there’s even free standard delivery at the moment with the code DPLOVESU, awww.

Final bit of info, this sale just came on today and it’ll last all the way till Sunday, so don’t hang about, pop in online if you can’t be bothered to go to a store, like most retailers DP has a good 28 days return policy so you can buy your stuff online and just return it another time!

Pop-Up LOVE,


What are you favourite Bodyshop items? =D

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