Quick Lil Deal Alert – 50% off ALL Bodyshop (including sale items!)

Hi All!

Am still feeling really groggy, does anyone else besides me get a ‘holiday hangover’? Haha.

I spotted an amazing little deal courtesy from the folks over at MoneysavingExpert (MSE), if you remember I’ve posted about them before and the amazing E.L.F. package they had a month or so ago. Well, they’ve done the same again and have another exclusive deal but this time with Bodyshop!

untitled (10)

The Bodyshop actually currently has some good deals on as it is, including free makeup items and 40% off with the low minimum spend of £5, read more to find out how!

So let’s start with the online exclusive which is with the code word Honey. You get a 40% off most things on orders over £5 and you also get to choose a free gift (either a Hemp Hand Protestor, Shea Body Butter or Vitamin E Moisture Cream).

The free makeup item deal is with the code MAKEUP plus purchase of any two makeup items, you get a free Carbon Eye Definer (it looks like a contouring pencil for the eyes to me, probably something your eye pencil or eyeshadow can do! So I’m not terribly excited about it but it’s nice grabbing it if you already have 2 other makeup items you want to get from Bodyshop, their latest lippies seem to be getting rave reviews…).

BUT, the MSE deal tops it all as it gives you 50% off ALL items, even sale items! Furthermore, there’s no minimum spend (which is very rare) and finally you can use it in-store as well as online. So that means you can do swatches in-store and smell all the fragrances and things before buying them! No minimum purchase + 50% off even sale items + option to use in-store = SWEET DEAL to me…

So, how do you get it?

If you want to use it online, you need to access the Bodyshop page using this special link over here which is an affiliate link with MSE (can I also encourage everyone to click to the original MSE post here as they’re an amazing site and deserve all the clicks they can get!!). The code word to use upon check out is then 14319.

And to use the discount instore just open that same link above on your iphone or print it out and bring it instore to show the people at the cashier, that should be enough to get you your 50% off =) Do check first with the staff though, just in case!!

That’s it from me today but I feel that’s a pretty amazing deal, let me know if any of you get a great haul from this 😉



What are you favourite Bodyshop items? =D

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