Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello All!

I’m finally, finally back in London, no more travelling for awhile *whew*. I do love it but somehow I always come back more tired than when I left yet I always delude myself into thinking that the trip will be a restful holiday so I work doubly hard before leaving… bad combination all round!

Apparently there was a terrible fog (hehe I wrote ‘dog’ first time around) in London today which mean all planes were delayed so my flight back from Lisbon was delayed by 3 hours and 40 minutes. Darn, another 20 minutes and I could have claimed something on my travel insurance! So here I am at 3am in the morning, out of buffer posts and so I’m forced to sit here writing you a post for later today before I sort out work schedules for the next few weeks and then finally crash. I love you all so much! Lol.


So, some time ago the lovely Naaj Rona from Naaj Ronas Lifestyle nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!! That was actually a good few weeks ago but as you know I’ve been hopping around so much I haven’t had the time to do the proper post on it but I was determined to do it at some point, if only to thank Naaj for the nomination =) Thanks Naaj!!!! Please everyone, do check out her blog, it’s a lovely one all about beauty and also life.

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Finally, tell 7 things about yourself.

I’ve done the first two (oh heck, let’s do it again! THANKS NAAJ =D), so now on to the next!

The 15 bloggers I’d nominate are the following, who are all blogs I follow so, so regularly. To be honest, I’m guessing some of them won’t even have time to respond to the award (lol) but I’m going to put links to their blogs up here anyway because I do think they’re great blogs. If you click through them all then you’re basically following my usual blog-reading routine! Haha.

  • A Model Recommends
  • British Beauty Blogger
  • Vicki’s Beauty
  • StyleSuzi
  • BubzBeauty
  • Miss Pei Yien
  • Mr Walk n Talk
  • Wendy’s Look Book
  • A Stairway to Fashion
  • SplishSplash
  • Red Lips and Black Mascara
  • A Pretty Thought
  • Smiles and Sparkles
  • Moments of Beauty Tho
  • five7and2
  • Beaute Amoreaux
  • A Little Infinity
  • Zany Zach’s Blog
  • Miss Budget Beauty
  • Joanna Loves

So please click on the links above =D =D

And finally, time to tell you 7 things about myself…

  • Penny isn’t my real name, it’s a pen-name (geddit? hehe). Okay, this is already in the ‘About’ section but thought I’d stick it in here too! I know not many people click to the ‘About’ page!
  • I’m a bit of a nerd… I love gaming and sci-fi. Doesn’t go with the beauty/fashion girl persona, does it??
  • I speak 3 languages.
  • I play the piano and the cajon (it’s an African hand-drum)
  • The one thing that annoys me most is judgemental attitudes
  • I’m Christian.
  • I’m extremely clumsy.

Right, that’s all from me for now! Time to pass out for a day…




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