Quick Lil Deal Alert – FREE Bodyshop Hand Cream!

Helloooo my lovelies!

Whow, it’s been SO long since I’ve done a ‘quick lil deal alert’! Mainly because I’ve been in Paris the last few days, which is why all the posts I’ve put up were all pre-written in the few weeks before (tsk, bad cheating little blogger!!).

Anyway, I’m back in London now but only for less than 24 hours =P It’s well past midnight and I’ve spent the last few hours helping my friend pack all her shopping (EPIC hauls coming up courtesy of her!) into her one suitcase and then packing my own bags because tomorrow morning she’s headed back home (sniff sniff) and I’m jetting off to Lisbon for the weekend to meet some family there and for a short holiday.

To be honest though, it’s not really felt like a holiday at all for me the last few weeks! I love having my friend over but entertaining can be tough and I’ve done a very stupid thing and taken on some production work at the same time, just stuff that I can do via email and phone but it does mean one extra thing to juggle (am trying to sort out venue and other details for a press conference in 3 weeks, EEK).

ANYway! Back to the posts! I’m doing this deal alert today and then I’m going to write a few more posts that’ll be scheduled to go up while I’m in Lisbon!

By the way, sorry if I’ve been a little more ‘inactive’ on the blogging world (ie on comments and such) I’m trying my best on my little WordPress app! =)

So, to carry on with today’s blog post!

untitled (8)

I’m sure some of you remember I’ve done a little low-down/site review on Voucher Codes? Read it here. Well, they’ve done it again!

This new VoucherCodes exclusive will give you a FREE £5 Bodyshop Hand Cream, that’s right, absolutely free, you don’t even need a minimum purchase or anything. I love freebies like these, they’re seriously the best. Not just a little sachet of a sample that you get from the mail but instead a full sized product for free.

It’s very simple, just head to the website here , it’s a simple registration form and then you get a code that you need to take to a physical Bodyshop store (either on a phone app or a print out) to claim your handcream from =)

Okay, that’s all from me today! Enjoy your Bodyshop handcream that’s 30ml and usually worth £5, it’s only on while stocks last so hurry!

LOVE from Lisbon!


Who else is up for this? =)

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