Penny for Your Thoughts – My Current Wishlist

Penny For Your Thoughts? My Current Wishlist

In one of my  previous Penny Pinching posts I wrote about how important it is to have a wishlist, not just because it makes you happy, although it does make  you happy because it’s like a list of highly attainable little dreams,  but because it’s important for keeping you focused when you’re  shopping/browsing. When you have a wishlist you also know what you’re  looking for and that’ll make your shopping so much more productive,  you’ll find yourself coming home with more purchases that make you happy and less random money wasters that you’ll use just once before tossing  away!

I thought the best way to illustrate a wishlist is to use my own current wishlist as an example!

untitled (7)

So the way I do a wishlist is, well, whenever I see a product I really  want or find myself thinking ‘oh I really wish I had something that does this or that’, I note it down as soon as possible! Simple, right? Next  time putting on eye-liner and realise that you really wish you had an  eyeliner that was blacker, thiner, bolder, whatever-er, note it down!  Then you’ll definitely remember to get one.

The wishlist doesn’t  have to have exact products on it like – Kate Rimmel Lipstick in Shade  107, as long as you’re certain about what you want it can be something  along the lines of – a mineral eye-shadow in a dark purple colour, not  shimmery. The more detail into what you’re looking for the better!

Of course you’ll end up with an epicly long list of wishes so the next  step is to really try and trim it down. If there’re things that kinda  over-lap, let something go or make some changes. For example, if you  want to try the Revlon Colourstay Foundation and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and the Rimmel Stay Matte… obviously something has to go! You don’t want 3 foundations on your shopping list?! Narrow it down. Unless they all do  different things, for example if one foundation has spf and will be for  daytime use and another doesn’t and is for night-time use. As a rule  though I don’t usual buy 2 products that do the same thing, I know I  won’t get round to using them both and one will get neglected.

It’s good if you also write down what you love about the product next to it  in the wishlist, so if anything changes you can change the list too! I  mean, if you want to get something really moisturising because

So anyway! On to my wishlist!

1) Rimmel Apocalypse in 2 or 3 different shades
– I just realised that I haven’t got myself a new lipstick in months and  I’ve been wearing the same soft pink colour a lot lately. I definitely  want more range in my collection!
– Obviously I want something pigmented and long-lasting, this fits the bill from what I can see in reviews.
– Also, I’m a huge advocate of never putting on lipstick from the tube if you can avoid, applying with a brush is way better and as the Rimmel  Apocalypse range is basically a lipstick that comes with a wand  applicator, that’s seriously perfect in my eyes!

2) A moisturiser with SPF
– I used to use BB creams a lot instead of liquid or gel foundation and  as a lot of BB creams have SPF in them I never needed to put on SPF  underneath my makeup.
– However, I really want to experiment more  with higher coverage foundations and as not everything comes with SPF I  really want a moisturiser with SPF in so I can wear that under the  foundation and not have to worry about it afterwards!
– Am currently using a sample of an Avene moisturiser but would really appreciate a cheaper option!

3) Summery Dress
– Alright, I know summer is almost up but… I feel like I haven’t done  any proper summer shopping yet! Something I always just come away with  basics or some dark thing that I’d wear in Autumn or Winter. I would  like one proper, floaty, pastel-ly and utterly frivolous, dip-hemmed  dress just to end the summer season with.

4) Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Gel or Liquid Exfoliant
– I need to exfoliate so much… I’ve combination skin that’s really oil  in some bits and I always feel like my pores are so clogged that a  plumber should come see them.
– I’ve looked into AHA or BHA options  instead of just peels or scrubs, as I hear that would really work deep  into the pores and it seems BHA is better for oily skin but there aren’t as many options for good, affordable BHA’s out on the market!
–  Paula’s Choice seems to be getting loads of reviews and awhile it can be a bit pricey I’m currently scouting out a few on eBay and hopefully can get it for slightly cheaper!

5) Some Long Skirts
– Okay, this is a little vague, but I usually wear short skirts or  leggings/jeggings, I rarely wear trousers or long skirts, I just assumed they make me look shorter! Lately I’ve been itching to try a few on  though, so that’s going on my list!

6) Really thin, felt-tip pen type eyeliner
– I really need one, I’m so clumsy that anything else I use just whacks  far too much product on my eyelid, it looks like a coat of eye-shadow or a goth look, not a nicely tight-lined or subtlely lined eye!

7) Real Techniques Stipple Brush
– I’m still not getting the hang of cream blushes and I’ve heard such  good things about stipple brushes and cream products. Also heard raves  about Real Techniques so this is a huge on my wishlist!

8) Real Techniques Blender Sponge
– Once I spotted it on the BBB’s blog a couple weeks back I knew it was  love at first sight, I want a proper blending sponge and this sponge has a flat edge as well making it different from the other sponges (how  creative!).

9) Real Techniques Powder Brush
– The big domed  powder brush just looks so lush! I already have a couple of powder  brushes but I could do with a really large fluffy one (or maybe I just  want it).

10) Foundation Brush
– Hmmm, this is low down on my  list because while I don’t have a foundation brush at present, I’m also  not sure I’ll use it much if I already have a stipple and a blending  sponge. Would it be useful to have one anyway? Can’t decide…

11) Brush Cleaner or Baby Shampoo
– This I actually need, I really need to get something that cleanses my brushes!

12) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
– I’ve heard so many raves about this and mattifying is a huge concern of mine, so this is on the list for sure!

13) Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
– Once again, heard raves. Sad thing is, I’ve always got concealer that’s a shade lighter than my skin, I thought that was just what you were  meant to do although I have noticed it looks kinda weird to me… this  time I really want to get a concealer that matches my skin tone  perfectly. I’ll use the concealers I have that are too light as a  highlighter or something.

Well that’s it for my wishlist! 13 isn’t exactly the luckiest number to end on, I didn’t realise that  till now, but actually I’ve always found that 13 is kinda lucky for me.  Friday the 13th always used to be my lucky day!

Thanks for  reading through my wishlist, hope it wasn’t a bore for you and share  your thoughts on the list as well as what you’d want on your own  wishlist! I think having a good, girly chat about these things with  others is definitely half the fun 😉

Wishful Thinking,

Share with me your wishlist =D

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8 thoughts on “Penny for Your Thoughts – My Current Wishlist

    • Hehe, thanks!! I find if I don’t have a list I literally end up buying almost any/everything in the shop and then realising I don’t really need/want half of the stuff!

      Would be interesting to read your wish list too =D


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