My Thoughts on MyShowcase

Hello my lovely fellow beauty-lovers!

So, some time ago I did a little post on the August Giveaway that EasyLiving was doing in conjunction with MyShowcase, if you haven’t entered the competition yet go over here and read about it!

MyShowcase’s tag-line on the EasyLiving competition page was that it was the ‘Future of Beauty’ and ‘a new way to discover and buy beauty’. Those are big claims! That intrigued me, so I thought I’d look a little deeper and see just how this beauty retailer is going to be different from all the other beauty retailers we already have out there.

To be honest, before the EasyLiving giveaway, I haven’t heard of MyShowcase before so this was my first time visiting their site. I was expected a site that’s kinda like Very or FeelUnique but maybe with a mildly different ethos or layout but boy was I surprised because as it turns out, they’re very very different!!

Surprise Face!

Surprise Face!

To put it in an over simplified nut-shell, they’ve basically coupled door-to-door or home sales with luxury/existing brands. So just imagine the sales techniques of such brands as Avon and Oriflame (both of which sometimes use individual sales-women doing door-to-door or home sales as part of their marketing) but instead of coming up with their own brand they’re working with luxury name brands, what a simple idea yet one that’s not been done before (in my knowledge). Genius.

I’m aware it doesn’t sound all that enticing yet, so let me put it another way that’ll paint the picture for you in all its original stunning colours: shop luxury in your living room. Goodness, if they aren’t already using that tagline let me just say I’m officially coining it as of now, August 20th 2013 (yes, I write all my posts early!!).

So how it works is that MyShowcase has a team of stylists who will come to your home (obviously only if you invite them, they’re not just going to break into your home and set up shop) and who will bring all the beauty products specially tailored to your needs/wants for you to try. They’ll give you advice on all the products too.

The stylist will also work with you on how you’d like to do your showcase, if you wanted to you can even make a party out of it and invite a host of your girlfriends round to have your own private shopping spree in your living room. Sounds like a lovely hen party or birthday party idea to me!

First thing I worried about is whether there’s any up-front cost to this but apparently there isn’t, it’s completely free invite a stylist round to have your own private showcase (that’s where the name MyShowcase comes from).

There’s also no obligation for anyone to actually buy anything, so it’s kinda like stopping by the counter of a high-end brand and spending some time with the store girl as she gives you advice and tries stuff out on you, except the counter comes to you (not the other way around).

I don’t like to gush too much over any one service so I’m going to put in a few con’s to this that I can think of off the top of my head: (a) obviously you’ll feel a slight pressure to spend money at this thing, since you got a stylist all the way to your home, and the brands they front aren’t exactly cheap! (b) credit where credit’s due and inversely no credit where it’s not due, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of these ‘shop in your home’ ideas before, so it’s not entirely unique (but I do think MyShowcase is pushing the idea to its utmost potential).

But what about the brands?

It doesn’t matter how lovely it is to have a personal beauty shop in your own home if you know that you’re not interested in any of the brands that the store is going to bring to you!

I had a quick glance at their brands page and nothing on it is what I’d call a ‘budget’ brand, which I think is fair enough considering that they do need to cover the cost of a stylist heading out to someone’s home.

A couple of their brands stood out to me as ones that are currently pretty popular and that I’ve heard of before, such as NEOM Organics (is it me or does every other blogger seem to have at least one extremely large scented candle featured either on their blog or standing in the background in their video?) and Balance Me. Taken as a whole, the brands cover everything from home décor, scents, oils, skincare, body care, tanning, make-up accessories, makeup, nail polishes, graphic design cards and even chocolate!

In fact, some of the brands are incredibly specialised, such as Blink Brow Bar which focuses on providing tools/products for professional brow care at home (brow lovers sit up!) and Elizabeth’s Daughter, which is skincare geared to a younger market (I thought the brand was affiliated to Elizabeth Arden when I first heard the name but it’s not, still, I love the name! It encapsulates its target market almost instantly).

The list of brands is currently only at 23 which I don’t think is a lot but still I do believe that no matter what you’re looking for you’re probably bound to find something you love in these brands as there’s a wide range of needs catered for. You can have a look at the list yourself here.

I always love a good deal more than anything, so I think the very best part about this is that if you host your own showcase you get a £40 voucher to spend on any MyShowcase product! You don’t even need to buy on the day, you can use this voucher any time up to 7 days from the showcase you hosted. Any purchase above the £40 is eligible for a 20% discount!

Sounds like a great way to host a unique party and nab £40 worth of product to me 😉 and you could even share your discount with your girlfriends if you’re feeling generous.

MyShowcase is going into my little book of cool websites/fun party ideas for sure!

Beauty Love!


What are your thoughts on MyShowcase?

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