Day Out at Alton Towers at Half Price!


So, as promised yesterday, although it’s well past midnight now and I’ve spent a long day screaming on themepark rides, shivering through the rain and also woken up at an ungodly hour in the morning to get to Alton Towers in the first place… here I am insisting that my tired eyes stay awake just long enough for me to write all about it before I go to bed.

untitled (6)In this post I’ll basically tell you about two current offers (that don’t seem like they’ll expire any time soon) to get half price tickets at Alton Towers and also some other things to consider to make your day out at the themepark a little cheaper 😉

First of all, let’s talk transport. Drive if you can, carpool if you can, if you must train it then book early! Which is what we didn’t do, sigh.

Next is the food. The food at Alton Towers actually isn’t too expensive, it’s basically London prices so as a Londoner I didn’t really feel a pinch looking at the menu. However, being the wary soul I am, my friends and I still packed lunches, snacks and drinks and that made our day infinitely cheaper of course.

What about lockers? It’s a completely rip-off I personally feel because it’s £5 for a small locker and £10 for a large one!! Just dump any foodstuffs into 1 large backpack (you can take turns carrying it if you want) and bring just the bare essentials. Some people like to wear jackets with secure, zipped pockets so they can keep their valuables on them even while riding the rollercoasters (it’s fine, really), or you can just leave your stuff on the shelves at each ride, it’s usually really safe. If you’re not comfortable leaving handbags and little lady’s bags on the shelves then just dump all your valuables in that 1 or 2 large backpacks.

Now, about tickets. If you book them online you can save up to 25% off and also another 10% off if you book via your mobile phone, also more savings to be had if you’re in a family with at least 3 children or in a group of at least 7. However, if you crunch numbers I think it might be more worthwhile to pay full price on the day but with the 50% off vouchers below.

Finally, on to the discount vouchers!

There’re 2 available now, one is a 2-for-1 voucher that you can find here , you can either print out the voucher or just present it on your mobile phone, very straight-forward, just a simple 2-for-1.

The other one is much better as it’s a 50% off voucher for up to 4 people. In terms of numbers both vouchers give you the same deal but the 50% off is actually much better because you don’t have to worry about getting an even numbered group of people! We went today with a  group of 5 so I just brought along 2 of the 50% off for 4 People vouchers and that was fine.

Where can these vouchers be found? Funnily enough, they’re on the back of the kit-kat multipacks! I found mine at my local Sainburys, strangely, only the orange flavoured kit-kats seem to have these vouchers on but not the other flavours… do pop by and grab them quick if you want them as they last quite a long time! The dates on which these vouchers don’t apply is on the pack itself and they’re also valid for Thorpe Park and Chessington =)

That’s all from me! My favourite ride today has to be Rita which was so fast it made me scream and then laugh (does anyone else do that on rides?). I would love to yabber on continuously about my day at Alton Towers but sadly I’m catching a 5.40am train to Paris (eep that’s in 4 hours!!) and I still need to pack! So goodbye for now and I’ll be writing you from Paris very very soon.

Lots of Themepark Fun and LOVE,


What’s your favourite themepark ride? =D

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