Perfume Deal Special: Chanel Dupe and Bvlgari + Jo Malone Samples

Happy Monday everyone!

By the time you’re reading this I’ll either be enroute to or already in Alton Towers, woohoo! My friend really wanted to head to a themepark during her time in London and I managed to rustle up 50% off vouchers and make the daytrip as cheap as possible, if all goes well you’ll be reading a review about our day in the next week or so =)

Sometimes I scout out loads of samples/dupe/freebie deals and I realise that it’ll take absolutely forever to post them all up if I did them one by one… also, I get kind of impatient and just want to tell you guys everything now-now-NOW, haha. So anyways, I decided that today I’ll put up a sort of perfume ‘bumper issue’ of freebies post.

In today’s issue you’ll read about 1 high-end perfume dupe and 2 free post-to-your-door samples, one of which is extra cute (you’ll see why later), so read on to find out more!!

Let’s start with the dupe for the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle that seems to have spread around the budget forums like wildfire.

untitled (3) imagesCARYTOY8

So above I’ve put both fragrances one on top of the other, the Chanel one is £67 for 50ml while the Lidl one is about £4 for the same amount! Even the colours of the packaging is pretty similar. Plus word on the street is that the Lidl perfume is currently on at half price.

I haven’t had time to pop by a Lidl to try this for myself and in any case I haven’t had a sniff of the Chanel either (darn, I should’ve tried some at a department store counter today, why didn’t I think of that??) but I spotted this on the Money Saving Expert forums (I’ve mentioned MSE countless times on this blog already!!) and have been meaning to alert you readers about this for awhile. For those who are not in the UK I’m guessing you can get the Lidl perfume on eBay for far less than the Chanel, even though it might be far more than £4!

Since this has gone up on budget forums a rash of bloggers have begun reviewing it as well and one of them is my all time favourite, the BBB, you can see her review here, the long and short of it is that the Lidl perfume is an extremely decent perfume for the price! By the way, might as well mention now also that the BBB is currently hosting a Clarins giveaway, so it’s doubly worthwhile clicking on that link above 😉

Next let’s go on to the Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline perfume sample, apparently it’s supposed to ‘illuminate and reveal the woman’s unique radiance’, not sure how a perfume can do that but is worth a try since it’s a free sample anyway, I’ve filled in the page myself and it takes less than 5 minutes. Just click here and the sachet of the sample should be with you by 28 days. Just a tip, when filling out forms like these it’s best to put down a spare email address that you reserve for spam/notifications rather than your main email and also you don’t need to tick the ‘receive notifications from xxx company’ checkbox to get the freebie, just tick the ‘terms and conditions’ one and that’s enough!

untitled (5)

Finally, my favourite perfume freebie sample for the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Seude, just because their way of giving it out is so innovate and adorable!

untitled (4)

I even love the promotional picture for this!

The freebie sample page is here but instead of just a boring, usual old registration page, part of the form is to design an online peony pin that you later email to someone.

First you pick 1 of 3 peonies (all of which are animated and blossom so prettily!) then choose 1 of 3 shades, then write a little personal message, finally you get a form which you fill in with your address for your sample. It’s lovely because a friend will receive a pretty little email! I sent it to the boyfriend, not that he likes receiving pretty pink, blossoming flowers by email but it’s the thought that counts, eh?

I actually filled this in weeks ago and was hoping to receive the sample before posting about it but it’s been so long I decided I better post about it before the sample is gone altogether. To be fair, the lovely people at Jo Malone sent me an email apologising for the delay as it’s due to some technical difficulty, it’s always nice when people keep you updated like that, especially since it’s just for a free sample! Makes me doubly inclined to like the perfume even before I smell it!

Right, that’s all from me! As you enjoy your perfume samples imagine me screaming on some ride in Alton Towers that my friends have dragged me onto… I always regret getting on those rides but then seem to forget all about that when I get off, it must be some form of potent temporary amnesia because I always find myself in line for another equally terrifying ride again just 5 minutes after swearing I’ll never let my feet leave ground again.

Lots of Sweet Scented Love!


Anyone tried any of the perfumes mentioned above?

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3 thoughts on “Perfume Deal Special: Chanel Dupe and Bvlgari + Jo Malone Samples

  1. I wear Coco Mademoiselle and love it, so was super-excited about the bargain dupe. I popped into my local Lidl to try it on Saturday all eager to get my bargain, but when I sprayed the tester – urghh! What a disappointment. It just smells heap and nasty to me, there is no comparison with the real thing. Such a shame, but I guess on this occasion you do get what you pay for.

    • Ooo sorry to hear it’s very different! In Jane’s review (I linked to her review in my post) she did mention that it smelt terrible in the first spray and afterwards it became much better, maybe give that a try?

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