September Magazie Freebies

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday =) It’s Sunday again today, can’t believe my friend has been visiting me a whole week now, time seems to have just flown by.

Anyway, continuing on with yesterday’s topic, I thought we could carry on with 2 more magazine freebies that I’ve spotted recently and which I thought were pretty sweet. Actually, a glance at the magazine rack basically confirmed what I always thought: every magazine comes with a freebie these days, otherwise it just won’t sell. So nowadays you can’t just get something for a freebie, it’s time to start weeding out which are the freebies that are worth getting!

So let’s get on with it =)



A look at this month’s InStyle on the shelves!

Usual Mag Price: £3.80


Phillip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer, 40ml, worth an estimated £8.

Is it worth it:

From a pure monies point of view, obviously this is great value, you basically get the product for 50% off plus a free mag (and I hear there’s some more sachet samples in the mag itself).


There seems to be great hype online about the hair elasticizer, while I’ve not tried it myself it seems pretty straight-forward to use. You apply it to dry hair, let it soak for 10 to 20 minutes and then wash it off, voila, bouncier hair!

Everyone’s hair is different so I wouldn’t trust this to solve all your hair woes but if you’re curious and have problems with less-bouncy-than-wished-for hair then this seems like a fantastic deal. Also good freebie for all beauty bloggers out there looking to sample/review this product! 😉

Would I get it?

Ooooh, a big maybe! Sorry, is that a cop-out? I’m just not easily excited by hair products and would rather save the £4 for something else! But my head does say that I really should try this out… Let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be a ‘no’ from me in the end although I think this is a great freebie from InStyle.



Surely you can spot what the freebie is in this picture?

Usual Mag Price: £3.60


Just look at the picture! A 25% off River Island discount code =)

Is it worth it:

This really depends on what you intend to buy with the discount code! For example, if you’re getting something that’s only £12 then you’re only getting £4 off the item which is almost the price of the mag anyway. So have a browse at River Island online first before you get this mag, unless you’re a huge River Island fan and you know you’ll use this for sure. Also, keep in mind that if you’re shopping online the delivery will cost £3.50.


Nothing much to review here, it’s a discount code basically! But if you’re thinking you can be sneaky and just find the code online somewhere, think again! Elle’s smart and to use the discount instore you need to activate it here.

Would I get it?

No, mainly because I’ve just done a lot of shopping as you can see from some recent shopping posts and as you will see in time to come in a host of haul posts I have planned!!

But otherwise, I would totally go for this =) It’s sweet to get a discount on top of things and I do think it’s very timely as Autumn isn’t knocking on our doors anymore, Autumn’s already invited herself in and is sitting on the couch drinking some of our tea, yes Summer’s definitely gone… which always means it’s time for a change of wardrobe! So use this discount on some much-needed knits, new winter coats or a pair of new boots =)

Well, that’s all from me! It’s a Sunday so if anything above catches your fancy then pop out and grab one of the mags, you can spend your Sunday enjoying your freebie while reading your magazine!



What do you think of this month’s freebies?

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