September Magazine Freebies – The Best Magazine Freebie Ever!

Hello all!

I’m writing this in the wee hours of Thursday night, my friend and I are just back from watching Punchdrunk’s latest show, The Drowned Man. Those of you familiar with Punchdrunk will know what I’ve been through and for those of you who’re new to immersive theatre, I highly encourage you to give it a go, it’s pricey but it’ll be a completely new experience for you =)

I’m aware my post title today is quite a lot to live up to!! Whow, the best magazine freebie ever, really?! Well, you’ll see why in a second 😉

I also realise that it’s already mid-September! Hence why I decided I should quickly get this month’s magazine freebies out!! Last month didn’t have very many good deals but this month does so keep your eyes peeled for these babies, you’ve got at least a good couple of weeks more to grab them.

Today we’ll just be looking at the very fantastic offer that comes with the *drumroll please for the best mag freebie ever* the 25th Anniversary Edition of Marie Claire!


This is what the magazine looks like in stores!

I actually received a free copy of this but it came without the freebies, I’ll do another review on that separately because it was chock full of freebies/samples in the pages, I think what I received was a September issue but not the special 25th Birthday issue, do look out for this!

Anyway, what’s so special about this particular freebie? Well, first let’s just talk numbers (which, as you know, I love). This mag costs around £3 to £3.90 and it’s what I’d consider a more expensive mag but the total worth of the freebies included is estimated to be £15, which means you get your money’s worth and much much more. While that’s really great, that doesn’t quite earn it the title of ‘best magazine freebie ever’. What really takes the prize is the freebie included.

You get a total of 3, yes 3, freebies with this mag! Furthermore, these 3 freebies are all from Clinique, one of my favourite skincare brands ever (as you can probably tell by now). Two of these aren’t actually in the magazine itself but there are coupons to claim them from any House of Fraser Clinique counter. I’m not usually a fan of coupon freebies as I know I’m probably too lazy to ever claim them but I’m quite familiar with the Clinique counter and it’s always been a friendly and approachable experience so with this freebie I can actually see myself popping by their counter next time I’m in the area and I’d certainly encourage you to too!

The coupons themselves are for some pretty neat things, being: Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream and Foundation Fitting Service. I’m not quite sure what the foundation fitting service would do and whether the counter staff would have done this for you anyway even without a coupon but a free eye cream from Clinique sounds good to me!

I’ve had a search around and while I don’t really advocate that you need a separate cream for the eye, the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus series has had really good results and if anything this little sample sized pot would be good to take along when travelling.

Are you thinking: wait, this still doesn’t make this the best magazine freebie ever, does it? If so, YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It doesn’t.

What really, really takes the cake is the 3rd present you get in this magazine, the present that’s included physically in the magazine pack, that little grey bottle you can see in the picture above.

Believe it or not, what’s in the bottle is a sample of Clinique’s new Repairwear Laser Focus Face Serum!! Putting aside that I think Clinique’s a great brand and this sample is really value for money considering the mag price, the main thing about this is that the Repairwear Serum isn’t even out in stores yet so you’re basically getting a preview of their latest product. Talk about exclusivity!

I do trust Clinique’s expertise in skincare and this serum is already sounding very promising, overall the exclusivity of this freebie may or may not be all that special to the average consumer, I personally think it is pretty cool to get to try something before it hits the shelves and that it’s a great freebie from Marie Claire but you might think otherwise. For all beauty bloggers and those in related fields though, this is AMAZING, I urge you all to pick up a sample, especially if you love blogging/writing about beauty. If you’re a n00b blogger like me, this is basically our first chance to do a pseudo ‘pre-release’ review 😉 doesn’t that sound exciting to you?

Right, that’s all from me, stop reading this right now and go pick up a copy of the 25th Anniversary of Marie Claire!

Freebie Love,


Will you be getting one? =D

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