Day in Bath + Quick lil deal alert: £2.50 Helen E Lipsticks

Hello everyone!

Am writing this on my phone with the WordPress app, am not really sure how I like it but if there’s one thing I can do well it’s typing extremely fast (both on a keyboard and a keypad) so it’s not much more inconvenient to me than my laptop =)

The main reason why I’m experimenting with blogging on my phone today is because I’m traveling to Paris and Lisbon next week and won’t be able to bring my laptop. I’m going to schedule a week’s worth of posts anyway but thought it’s also be nice to have the option of blogging live updates since I’m there! If this post doesn’t actually look terrible then I might give it a whirl next week in Paris.

By the way, I’m currently on a train coming back from Bath (although by the time you read this it’ll be the next day), where we went especially to visit the Fashion Museum. I feel I’ve learnt a lot more about the history of fashion lately… Thanks to my BA in English I already knew quite a bit about 18th century fashions (don’t see the link? Try reading a chapter of Jane Austen that doesn’t allude at least once to a feminine article of clothing that sounds both mysterious and un-clothing-like to modern ears) but was quite ignorant about the more subtle trends of contemporary fashion so these few days have been a treat!

Will definitely be writing a post all about my lovely fashion learnings recently, for now here’s a taster look at the strange and wondrous things that women wore under their skirts in the mid 1850’s….


Yes, that’s me modeling a crinoline (still too shy to show my face on here obviously!), I’m wearing a striped dress underneath and I think it goes surprisingly well with it! It seems like I’m wearing some sort of art-deco outfit. These were what women used to wear under their skirts and these were already lighter than the old-fashioned method of wearing wire cages or layers of petticoats!

And now for today’s deal alert, sorry it’s taken so long to get to it but I hope the above was at least a little fun to read =)

Remember how some time ago I posted a Helen E cosmetics promotion where with a discount code from their Facebook page you could order one of their nail lacquers online for absolutely free? You just had to pay for the £2.50 postage! Well, it’s back! But this time for lipsticks!

Just as simple as the last time round, just head to their Facebook page here and like it to get their code. I could just write the code here but I always find that a bit cheeky as the brand is already offering a lovely promotion in exchange for hits on their fb page and who am I to steal that from them?

The deal is for Helen E Longlasting Lipsticks which are usually £10 each, so you save a whopping £7.50 and 75% off. But personally I’m not sure if I would have considered the lippies worth a full £10 anyway as there’re really good drugstore ones out there for half the price!


I can’t find many detailed reviews on the range but almost everyone seems I be in consensus that it’s ultra moisturising and there’s also a range of 22 colours, which I feel is wonderful! There’s always a shade of lipstick on my wish list and right now it’s a deep, bold cool red that I want, I’m sure you must have a shade you want to try out now too and this is the perfect deal to go for it! The Helen E lipsticks page is here, I’m seriously eyeing the Arizona and the Hollywood Red, except the latter looks quite orangey, what do you guys think?

Well that’s all from me for today! Enjoy your £2.50 lipstick and I’ll cya again tomorrow!

Lots of lipstick love!

ps: sorry if the formatting is way off, blame the phone blogging!

What shade would you pick? =)

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