Quick Lil Deal Alert – Clinique Superprimer Face Primer Sample and a couple extra freebie bits and bobs!

Hello all!

Hope some of you managed to catch the free Starbucks deal yesterday! I had another lovely day with my friend today, started off with an intensely heavy brunch at The Breakfast Club, then we saw The Book of Mormon and it finally ended with a trip to TK Maxx (yes, shopping again!!) watch out for loads of hauls upcoming.

In today’s post the main feature is a free Clinique Face Primer sample that’s up for grabs and posted direct to your door but I spotted a couple other food-related freebies today as well that I thought I might as well throw in. So you’re getting a ‘bumper issue’ of sorts with today’s post really.

Okay, to start with our ‘main feature, it’s the Clinique Superprimer!


That’s a LOT of options, isn’t it??

What I love about this deal is that it’s one of those no-fuss, post direct to your door types of freebie samples. You don’t even need to print out a coupon and go to a counter or anything, how much easier can getting free stuff ever get?

If you’re wondering why there’s so darned many choices (I count 6!!) then it’s quite simple. One of them is a Universal primer, that anyone can use as a perfecter/make-up base and the rest address specific skin concerns. These are: Discolouration, Dullness, Dullness for darker skintones, Redness and Sallowness. I love that they’ve done a darker skintone version for dullness, definitely shows that this range was pretty well thought out!

To get your free sample just click to here and fill out the quickest form I’ve ever seen (just name, email, address, couple of tickboxes, that’s mostly it). A 1.5ml sample of the Universal Superprimer should be with you by the end of next month at the latest (I know, that’s quite a long timeframe but as it’s a freebie can’t really complain!).

This offer will be up till the end of September but only while stocks last, no idea how much that is so do get in there quickly if you’re interested. I am and I’ve filled out the form already =)

In other non-beauty related news, you can get an absolutely free naked bar if you just fill in the form here and print out the coupon which they’ll email you.

Also, Lindt is hosting a giveaway competition with a total of 1000 chocolate gift boxes available! I wondered for a moment if this could be beauty related in any way as I had a striking image of an elegant lady eating delicately from a pretty box of chocolates at her dressing table and it seemed very ‘feminine’ but I guess that never actually happens in real life (perhaps I saw that in a movie somewhere).

To enter the giveaway you need to Like their facebook page here, fill in a form and then send it on to 4 other friends. If you win all 5 of you get a box!

Right, so that’s all from me for today! Am headed to Bath tomorrow, hope that it isn’t too rainy, I may be in Bath but I don’t want to get soaked (harhar… sorry for the terrible pun).



ps: My friend, my boyfriend and I got another free Starbucks latte this morning! We had a really late night last night but still made sure we out in time to get one, that’s how dedicated we are to freebies =P

Interesting story though, my boyfriend decided to get his in the Spanish name that’s pronounced ‘Hayzoos’ (and spelt ‘Jesus’) and then he tucked our church’s namecard into the side of the cupholder and was going to give it to a homeless person as our church runs a help-the-homeless ministry/shelter.

Funnily enough, he couldn’t find a single homeless person. Every other day I swear I feel I see quite a number on the street (enough to make me sad/worried) but today on the day we actually ‘need’ to find someone we can’t find anyone… so I took the cup and went in search by myself and finally found someone sleeping with his dog at the entrance of a tube station. I said hello a couple times but he looked quite deep in sleep so I just left the coffee beside his money collection cup. I honestly hope it miraculously stayed warm till he wakes up!

untitled (2)

Hello Superman, what a lovely complexion you have, did you use a Superprimer?

Did you get a free Starbucks from yesterday’s offer? =)

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