Helloooo All!

I had a lovely day today and just can’t wait to share it with you all =)

It’s not really beauty related but this post is kinda like my ‘Cheap Date Out’ post, it’s full of deals, tips and ideas that I honestly feel will bring a smile to your faces, hehe.

First of all, let me say that today my friend and I visited 2 museums, saw a musical and both had Starbuck lattes for just £5 each!!!

Well, I guess the lovely range of free museums in London is nothing new. Today we went to the V&A (which, by the way, has an AMAZING fashion exhibit on at the moment that all you fashion junkies out there really should check out!!) and that is my absolute favourite museum =)

But we also went to the Museum of London which is a lesser known museum compared to the rest and I found it surprisingly fun, especially the bits where you can run through recreated Victorian streets and gardens! So there’s a little tip for you I guess, if you’ve exhausted the Natural History Museum, British Museum, V&A and Science Museum, then the Museum of London is the next good bet for a good free museum to spend a day in!

Anyway, on to Matilda the musical. This was basically my largest expenditure for the day, ie, £5. £5!!!!! Read on to find out how to get a £5 ticket and also a free Starbucks tall latte for tomorrow =)


A scene from the song ‘When I Grow Up’, one of my favourite songs in the musical!

So, this isn’t a new thing as I’ve done this 2 years ago, but Matilda the Musical here in London sets aside 16 tickets a day at £5 each for people aged between 16 to 25. The catch is, you have to buy them on the morning of the day you want to watch the show! The box office opens at 10am but there’s always a queue of people waiting from, say, 8am in the morning and if you’re the 17th person to turn up then it means you don’t get a £5 ticket for all your efforts! I’d certainly advise you to turn up by 8.15am at the latest, this is from 2 times’ experience of doing this successfully so do heed it!!

This week only, the RSC is setting aside 32 tickets a day instead of 16! Which basically doubles your chances! So head down this week if you can =) Another bit of advice is to avoid going down during holiday times as there’ll be a guaranteed long queue from early on.

As for the musical itself, it’s AMAZING, haha! I love it so much, finally the RSC has followed up their last amazing musical (ie. Les Miserables) with a worthy follow-up.

Oh, and if you’re not 16 to 25, don’t worry, as long as you don’t look, say, 40, they actually don’t usually check your ID! I’m within the age range myself but they’ve never checked my ID 😉

And now for the free Starbucks coffee =D

The secret is… from 9am till 11.30am on the 10th and 11th of September, you can get a tall latte for absolutely FREE from Starbucks with the code word ARABICA. Extremely simple, just head up to the counter with a smile and ask for a tall latte with ARABICA, whoever’s behind the counter will give you a cheeky smile probably then get you your latte.

So anyway, that’s the rundown of my very free day that ended with a 2 for £5 mid-week meal from Waitrose (hehehe, more deals!). I loved it, at first I thought it couldn’t possible fill two but I was quite stuffed after so thumbs up to that to!

Back to fashion/beauty deals tomorrow. Also, update on the Bicester Village trip, my friend had an AMAZING haul, spent loads and on things I will never conceivably splash out on so I’ve her to be thankful for so I have the chance to do a haul post and review on things I would never otherwise even come close to buying.

See you all again tomorrow, remember to get your free Starbucks please, you can even get multiple ones if you go to different outlets!! I’m not sure if this is just for London outlets but it’s worth a try anyway really, at the most you get a weird stare.

Love you all!



ps: I’m putting this post up ultra-early instead of at 9am as it usually is so that the bit about the free coffee will be out there as long as possible!!

Remember, ARABICA!!!

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