Free Beauty Products with Montagne Juenesse Tester Panel

Hello my lovelies!

Another dreary day in London today, wasn’t it? I was superbly caught out in the rain and found myself running from shelter to shelter quite a few times, did not make for a dry (or enjoyable) time.

In other news, some of you might remember the Simple product testing panel that I wrote about some time back (you can read about it here), it was called Simple VIP and if you got in it meant that you got sent free Simple products to test out! Which I thought sounded great (hence the post).

I’ve just stumbled across something similar but from a brand I’m less familiar with, I figure it’s still worth a shot anyway as it’s all in the name of budget beauty.

Montagne_Jeunesse_Peel_Off_Pamper_Pack_1369067196If you don’t recall the name ‘Montagne Juenesse’, and I wouldn’t blame you as I didn’t recall it at first, then maybe the picture above will help!

Yep, it’s that face mask brand, that one that you always see in the random race mask aisle in Boots and also near the checkout counters in Primark, I always thought it was a Primark in-house brand before. Live and learn.

My own experience with their face masks has been pretty good so far, my skin has never broken out from them and results have been alright, not amazing but alright. They’re also a pretty affordable brand so I wasn’t expecting miracles, it’s worth a shot if you want a mini-treat and to feel pampered for a bit.

The thing to be wary of with these product testing things is that you’re sent products that are still being tested, I’m 99.99% sure that the products won’t harm you or your skin in any way (since that would just generate so much bad rep for the company) but there’s always that 0.001% chance of it lingering around somewhere, isn’t there?

Most product testing panels just offer to let you keep the product that you test for them as a reward, if that product does break you out or something then, well, it’s really not much of a reward. The nice thing that Montagne Jeunesse throws in is a free lot of freebies after you do product tests as well! This makes this panel stand out for me =) At least you know you’ll also be getting tried and tested, on-the-market things as well.

To apply just fill in this really quick survey here, it’s much faster to complete than the Simple one which already wasn’t all that long.

I’ve applied, fingers crossed! Do let me know how you get one =)

Good Luck and much LOVE!


Let me know if you get this! I will be 😉

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