Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Burberry Brit Rhythm Fragrance Samples

Hello All!

It’s another Monday and the start of another week, sadly for us in the UK it’s looking to be dreary one as the too-good-to-be-true summer finally ended on Friday (when it finally started raining on the day I scheduled an outdoor film shoot!).

Today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one but definitely one worth reading because it basically means you are entering for the chance to win a VIP all access pass to a Brit Rhythm gig in London New York or Singapore and, just for entering, you get a free sample of the Burberry Brit Rhythm Fragrance! I thought that sounded pretty sweet =)


To enter it’s pretty simple, just click on this link here and fill in the registration form.

The competition is open until September 29th and there’s 7 VIP passes left up for grabs. That’s not a lot really but considering that you get a free sample just for signing up, that’s well worth it!! I love freebies that deliver to you, hehe, I’m just lazy like that.

It could take up to 28 days to deliver =)

By the way, the reason why today’s post is so short is because, well, I kept it succinct! Also, a good friend of mine has finally arrived in London to spend the next couple of weeks with me, hooray! I’ve planned a buffer of blog posts so I’m not constantly blogging while she’s around but today’s post is one I just wrote (since it’s a deal alert and those really just are put up as soon as I scout out the deal!). So obviously I didn’t want to spend too long typing away.

Tomorrow we’ll be headed to Bicester Village for some serious outlet shopping!! Stay tuned for a full review on what we think of Bicester Village and (hopefully) a good haul 😉

Happy Free Fragrance Sampling!!



Let me know if you get this! I will be 😉

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