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Hello All!

So, some exciting news, I’ll be testing the Diaboost hair thickening treatment by Nioxin courtesy of SuperSavvyMe!

If you haven’t heard of SuperSavvyMe, I actually did a low down of their website some time ago which you can read in this little post here, they’re basically an amazing website which not only has good coupons which you can print off to get discounts on things but they also operate a product testing panel.

They recently opened a panel to test the Nioxin Diaboost, the way it works is that if you see a product you’d be interested in trying out then just you can fill out their form to register for it and they usually pick lots of people to test it, for this they picked 3000 members and I feel it’s a really decent number so the odds of getting it versus the odds of winning a 10 product giveaway is way, way higher!!


I thought I got the box upside-down at first but I realised it was just designed like that… I wonder if she had to pose upside-down for this picture?

To be honest, I was quite excited to be selected for this! I’ve done product testing before but it’s sometimes products that are still being developed so they don’t always reveal the brand it’s for and I’m definitely not allowed to blog/say a thing about it (in case info gets leaked) but this, to me, is basically getting a full-sized product that’s on the market for free!

The Nioxin Diaboost usually costs around £30, whoop whoop!

In return though, you do need to fill out surveys about the product, try to speak to people about the product and also get friends who you’ve spoken to to fill out these little questionnaire forms and upload them all online. It’s definitely quite a bit of work and to be honest a little more than I’d expected but I suppose it’s up to you how active you want to be with those little surveys and questionnaires, I’m planning to be super active though otherwise I’d just feel guilty for being an under-performing panel member (they also give you ‘stars’ based on your activity so you kinda want to get yourself a good rating). Ultimately, I guess a good rule of thumb is to at least invest about the same amount of time it’d take you to earn the money to buy what the product’s worth? Hmm, but then it isn’t a free product any more technically… well anyways, do let me know what you think about this!

Look at all the other stuff in the box!

Look at all the other stuff in the box!

To get a good idea of what I meant by ‘lots of little surveys and questionnaires’ just look at all the additional stuff that came with the product itself! It’s in the picture above. One of the books is a testing panel overview, then there’s a welcome letter, also info manual for the product and some questionnaires. The product surveys are to be filled out online.

Anyway, on to the product itself!

I myself have really thick strands of hair and a decent amount of it too. However, my hair is constantly dropping and I think as it gets longer and heavier it drops even more, I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid but I worry that it’s getting marginally thinner, so I’m really looking forward to the Diaboost doing something to change that.

The product’s in a really really pretty bottle, the bottle has a nozzle top which makes it easy to spray into your scalp. You’re meant to spray it in and then massage it. The nozzle top also has a nice little nozzle top cap that’s extremely secure, you won’t be accidentally spraying this around even if you pop it into your bag or bring it around on the go. The liquid inside is mostly odourless (if it does have a smell I think it’s very unnoticeable) and has a watery consistency, so it spreads out easily and is easy to rub in.


The Nioxin Diaboost


Diaboost up close!

I’ll give this product a good, long run before doing a proper review as I want to do a fair review of course. However I will say that It’s supposed to have an instant effect on your hair from the first use (apparently) but when I first used it I didn’t actually notice any instantly visible difference. Perhaps that’s just me.

The boyfriend has thinning hair (like, actually definitely thinning, not like me where I’m probably just paranoid about it being thinner) so I’m going to test it out on him too. Our hair and scalp types are very different so hopefully this means that you’ll be getting a super holistic review!

The Nioxin Diaboost is by no means new though, there was a really good review on the BBB’s website a couple months ago (see it here) where she sent trial stuff out to two readers to test, both had quite varying reactions/responses so it seems the Diaboost, like everything, is not for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing what results the boyfriend and I actually get 😉

So that’s all for the Diaboost for now! But do stay tuned for the full review in a few weeks time.

Also, if you’re interested in signing up to SuperSavvyMe yourself to get free product samples, coupons and also do product testing then do read my previous post about SuperSavvyMe to check it out and see how you can sign up for their panel yourself!

Have you heard of the Nioxin Diaboost? What are your thoughts on it? =)

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  2. Hair thinning can certainly be very agonizing. Plenty of folks only check out 1 system
    right after another with no good results. I think that for some people hair thinning is just not reversable.

    However, It is great to find out there may be something you will be able
    to do about it.

    Appreciate it!

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