Dorothy Perkins Sale Alert + Top Sale Picks

Hi my lovelies!

I realised that in general you see a lot of ASOS or Primark or Yesstyle (for those inclined towards East Asian fashion) sale picks and such online but you hardly ever hear any talk of Dororthy Perkins… I guess they’re a retailer that kind slots into the ‘uncool’ category I’d say? Not ‘middle-market’ enough to be ASOS or H&M and yet not ‘dirt cheap’ enough to be a Primark.

They also have a slightly frumpy image to them I think, I’m really not sure why. I guess the name itself doesn’t sound very young, does it?

However, recently there’s been quite a few articles about them in the papers about how their fashion’s picking up and hearing that there was a 25% off EVERYTHING code at their online store and ALSO a huge sale going on, I thought I’d check it out, couldn’t hurt, could it? [wrong, wrong, wrong. I forgot how much my wallet can hurt…]

So, surprise surprise, I found some really good bargains here! I’m talking pretty decent dresses for, say, £7 or £8??? That’s uber-bargain, right?

Sometimes when you zoom in on a picture of their clothes you can tell the cloth isn’t of a good quality (so it just won’t look as nice on you as on the picture) and the cut is a little ‘not right’ but the picks I’ve got for you below are all items I’d be totally happy with and the cheap price makes it a special steal 😉

1) The Bodycon Dress


Let’s start with something I feel DP is really good at (or seems to churn out a lot of anyway), the sleek, elegant-looking bodycon dress. This is £15 on sale from £25 and you can add the 25% off on top of it too!

Now the thing with bodycon’s is that they could make you look stunning or bulgy in all the wrong places. What I love about this dress is that the long side stripes are really flattering and even though I personally have a problem with my large bum-region, I could totally trust this dress to make me look more svelte in it than out of it, which is always desirable!! I also love the colours and think it’s fabulous for both work and a night out. Could always do with one of these in the wardrobe!


If you really would like to try a bodycon but are a little shy then go with this black one, it’s definitely a flattering colour and I think the shape of the sleeves will flatter the arms as well. And just like the one above, with the right accessories and styling it could take you from work to a night out! It’s £10 from £18.

2) The fitted slouchy top

56318540_largeWhat, fitted yet slouchy?! What madness is this?? Well, it’s not really a proper term but that’s what I call slouchy loose tops that have an element of ‘fitted’ in it. Like the lovely top above, which is completely slouchy except for the red sleeves which are fitted. You end up with a really lovely look that looks relaxed, comfy and yet somehow incredibly flattering. I can’t explain it, it must be magic! I’ve wanted one for a long time now so I have something to throw on for those days that I just can’t put an outfit together.

I really like the red and white striped one above (£8 now from £14) but sadly my size isn’t in stock so I’m going for the blue one below (£10 now from £16 before), which is a slightly different design but I think I might end up liking it more…


3) A cute skater dress56319215_large

Boy are there a LOT of dresses in the skater cut floating around these days! DP is no exception and there’s a whole string of them but I think the above is extra cute because of the cut-out back accented with a little twist-bow. This is the dusky-pink colour but it also comes in black, navy blue, teal and green, I feel the variety of colours is great! Surely you can find something you want in there… Perhaps even just black, a basic is always useful. This is £12 from £16.

56316612_largeThis comes under the same category of ‘skater’ but it’s kinda a different take on it. I feel the turtle-neck plus the sleeves make it feel a bit more mature and less cutesy. Perfect for those that like the skater cut but just don’t want to dress cute all the time. This is £10 from £16 and was one of my very first picks on the site! I can completely imagine styling this with necklaces and a nice belt or even with a vest-type top over it, it’s really a great blank-canvas to play on!

4) A summery dress

06936071_largeRight, I know summer is now officially over, what with today’s downpour of rain and cold weather (first time in weeks!!!) but that’s why it’s cheapest to stock up on summery things NOW, then you won’t be in a mad rush to get them next summer and end up only getting proper summer-wear with only 2 weeks to go till Autumn =P Which is the situation I always find myself in…

Also, I like to take my floaty summery tops/dresses and layer them over a plain turtleneck, perhaps cinched with a belt, and tadah suddenly winter feels a bit more colourful!

The pretty floaty number above is now £7 from £18 (£7!!!) and the coral one below is £10 from £16.


5) Dip-Hem

75000820_largeOkay, I actually feel the top/dress above could also slot into the fitted slouchy category as well but that dip-hem is so incredibly obvious (just screams ‘I’M A DIP HEM’ doesn’t it?) that it should go into the dip-hem section…

They were all the rage in summer with plenty of floaty numbers going about that were much longer at the back but tiny at the front and with the top above it seems like this can easily transition into Autumn and shows no signs of abating! I know they’ve been around a long while already but I’ve only recently felt sure dip-hems were here to stay, Which is good, it flatters the bum (my main area of concern).

I love the colour of the top above, love the fitted sleeves but looser fitting top and bottom and love-love the dip-hem! I also think the little crosses are a nice addition. I imagine this top would appeal mostly to Christians, goths or extremely dedicated mathematicians… (looks like a plus sign doesn’t it?). This is now £8 down from £26.99, one of the biggest discounts here.

37000111_largeAnd here’s another dip-hem! But I think it’s one of the funkiest dip-hems I’ve ever seen. Firstly, I love how the ‘dip’ actually occurs (with a front split instead of a gradient from front to back), secondly the sleeve shape is unique and finally that print is quite ‘arty’ isn’t it?

Put it all together and it sure does make an impression! The boyfriend personally thinks it’s weird but I just need to see how it fits on me and it’s £4, omg £4, down from £22!!! Another big discount =)

6) This Blouse

75100361_largeLooks like an ordinary blouse right? Well look again! Especially at the shoulders. Yep, those are cut-outs!

DP has a lot of cut-outs in their range, especially shoulder cut-outs which I’m usually wary of because it can look a bit too tacky and cheap 90’s clothing. However, I think doing a shoulder cut-out on a blouse is a perfect balance of putting a hint of sexiness into the conventional blouse!

If you’re not convinced, just look at how lovely it looks on the mannequin below. No? Well, then you’ll never be convinced!


I would love wearing this over skinny trousers or even with a high-waisted skirt and cinched with a nice belt. It would add something extra to any combination in which you’d wear a blouse! I love it.

It’s really past bedtime for me and I’ve been up since 7ish in the morning filming something plus we only wrapped past 11pm so I’m really very tired, still couldn’t go to bed till I wrote something for y’all! It’s become an addiction now! Hope you found something you love in those sale picks and I’ll update you if I get anything for myself. I do this all the time, I spend hours window shopping online and adding things to my online shopping bag and then I make myself NOT buy the things. It’s like I love torture…

Much SALE Love!


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