I Won a Giveaway!!! [And some upcoming giveaways you can sign up for!]

Hello All!

A special post today that I wasn’t scheduling to put in as I wasn’t expecting to win a giveaway (obviously).

I actually found out about this on Saturday and received the prize on Tuesday, which is extremely quick. The giveaway was hosted by the lovely Vicki from Vicki’s Beauty, she also has her own beauty channel on Youtube so do check it out over here.

I suppose winning a giveaway is not special enough to warrant a post (well, it’s special to me though!) BUT this particular prize is so worth blogging about and you will see why very shortly. I mean literally you will see why, just look below:


Ooo, hello pretty pink box! I wonder what’s inside?


Pink Tissue!!!

Jokes, obviously pink tissue wasn’t the only thing inside the box! The pictures don’t do it any justice, it’s the prettiest sparkly pink/purple box you’ve ever seen and the packaging of the gifts inside (colour-coordinated pink tissue and all) is better than a few budget stores I can think of (but which I won’t name…).

I’m not sure what it’s like for other giveaway prizes, having not won before myself, but I really felt a lot of love and effort went into this. It was a giveaway to thank subscribers and I could really feel the heartfelt thanks in it.

Seriously though, have you ever seen such a box?? Where does one even find sparkly, pink boxes like this?? Is there a store out there that sells pretty boxes specially made for beauty blog giveaways or perhaps this was the box that Cinderella’s glass slippers came in? Do enlighten me if you know the answer…

The fun didn’t stop there, I opened the box and even though I’d obviously seen the giveaway prize before on Vicki’s original Giveaway Blog Post it didn’t really clock on in my mind just how much stuff would be in here. It felt a bit like a black hole that didn’t stop spewing stuff out (or should I say a sparkly pink hole? Sorry, I still can’t get over the pretty box).


Let’s play spot the difference….


Can you tell what’s the difference between these two boxes?

The box is simply crammed full! I honestly feel this giveaway was so, so generous. So generous in fact that I even took a photo of everything in the box and then realised that I missed something out, it was something that was still hiding in the tissue, that’s how much stuff was in it. It felt like a gift that kept giving. I said to Vicki it felt like Christmas come early but really it’s more like 2 Christmases come at the same time. I might rustle through that tissue some more and see if there’s a unicorn in there or something.

I don’t really want to spend a whole post gushing over something I got, this blog has usually been more about sharing deals that you can get, but part of me doing this is really to say a huge THANKS to Vicki for her very lovely gift, one that I felt she really put some love into and a really well-thought one as well. I love everything in the gift but with so much stuff in I’m sure there would’ve been something for everyone, I’m lucky as I’m sure I’ll be pretty much using everything in there!

Finally, here’s the ‘deal alert’ part of this post that you’ve all be waiting for.

Vicki actually has another giveaway running right now, it’s a Joico K-Pak Hydrator Giveaway, she does a review of it as well so you know what you’re signing up for! Check it out here. You’ll have to get in QUICK for this one as it closes on the 6th (ie. later today).

Don’t despair if you don’t get in on the above in time as she’s also mentioned on her blog that she’ll be doing yet another giveaway almost straight after the Joico one, so remember to keep your eyes peeled! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone doing so many giveaways at a go, thanks a bunch Vicki!!

Much Sparkly Pink (still can’t get over the box…) Love,


Here's the box before I unwrapped it, it had a little heart-shaped tag addressed to 'Penny Parsimonious' on it!

Here’s the box before I unwrapped it, it had a little heart-shaped tag addressed to ‘Penny Parsimonious’ on it! That made me smile =)

Have you won a giveaway before?

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