Quick Lil Deal Alert – Exclusive 40% off Body Shop with VoucherCodes

Hello my beauty-lovers!!

Feels like awhile since I’ve done a ‘quick lil deal alert’.

Some of you might remember Voucher Codes, a website I mentioned during my Bank Holiday Bargains post, they usually list the codes are stores have on but they also sometimes have exclusive codes that are basically only available on the Voucher Codes website or made specially for them which I think is great! Hooray, more codes!

At the moment they’ve got a great little code that gives you 40% off ANY purchase without a minimum spend, which is fabulous because sometimes the minimum spend on these things is so high it isn’t even worth it!

My all-time favourite fragrance from Body Shop!

My all-time favourite fragrance from Body Shop! What’s your’s?

This code is available online and also in-store (but to get it in-store you’ll have to register with Voucher Codes and then they send you the e-voucher which you have to print out).

What make’s this deal post-worthy for the blog (I’ve mentioned before, sometimes there’s really tons of deals a day and I don’t want to indiscriminately post everything!!) is because: (a) no minimum spend, (b) 40% is really, really close to 50%, considering the price-point that the Body Shop retails at [ie. a product that costs £10 only has a pound different between 40% and 50%, a product that cost £1000 has a difference of £100!] and (c) there’s stuff I’d absolutely recommend buying from The Body Shop now!

See, no matter how good a deal is, if there’s nothing worth having from the store then even if you only paid £2 for it it’s still £2 wasted and things add up. Besides the fact that Body Shop is a great ‘green’ and fair-trade store, I also genuinely love their body butters and shower gels. There’s currently over 20 fragrances on offer, there’s bound to be something for everyone in here! I always feel extra pampered when I using my favourite fragrance of Body Shop shower gel, do you?


You can easily spot whether a lippie is in the red, pink or nude category as the caps are in the corresponding colours, I think that’s a nice touch!

Makeup wise they’ve recently launched their new range of Colour Crush lipsticks and reviews have basically exploded everywhere on the beauty blogosphere/vlogosphere (is that a word now?). They have an amazing range of colours available in reds, pinks and nudes, which is great as there’ll be something to suit any skin-tone/occasion. I’m eyeing some of their nudes and reds myself! I haven’t tried them yet but the consensus seems to be that they’re highly pigmented and very moisturising. Only thing is that because it’s so creamy I would expect it to not have great staying power, so expect to have to touch up throughout the day (which I do anyway).

These retail at £10, their body butters are around £13 usually and their shower gels can be found under £5 (sometimes even as low as £2!), so you’re really getting close to 50% off with the 40% code.

It’s also worth mentioning that on the Body Shop website they also have a code running that gives you £10 off a £25 spend, that’s also technically 40% off but it’s with a £25 minimum spend and if you spend more than £25 you still only get £10 off, so this 40% one is better in many ways.

Enter the code 14321 at checkout to get your 40% off, or head over here to get the email voucher from Voucher Codes.

This code expires on the 8th of September, which is this Sunday, so I suggest if you need a body cream/gel top-up or have been eyeing their new lippies remember to get them by this week!

Lots of Colour Crush Love!


What’s your fav Body Shop product?

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