Sept Beauty Giveaways: Glamour and Bare Minerals

Happy Thursday!

Thursday means just a day away from a weekend =)

For me this weekend is extra special because a dear friend is flying halfway around the world to spend a week in London with me followed by a week in Paris, am well excited!! And of course looking forward to some proper girly sharing and fun-times.

On with my September Beauty Giveaway series, I’m being very good and churning out giveaway-a-day ones early-early-early so there’s more days of the month for you to enter. Also, I kinda feel bad if I see a really good product in the competition but the day for entering has already passed, I feel guilty for not telling you guys about it sooner!

So anyway, on to the Glamour September Giveaway! I mentioned Glamour last month as well (read it here), their giveaway-a-day is usually my absolutely favourite because they usually have around 20 of each product per day to give away, so put that all together that’s hundreds of products a month, aka high chances of winning! I’m biased towards Glamour because I won one of their May giveaway prizes and I really feel that if I can win anyone can.


This month they’re featuring products from the extremely popular and well-known bareMinerals! Not a ‘budget’ brand by any definition of the word, which makes winning one of their products an added bonus.

It’s quite obvious that bareMineral’s niche in the makeup/skincare world is their focus on mineral based formulas (hence their name!), their products are generally good quality, no problems with pigmentation and foundation/bases with good UVA/UVB protection. Those with bad skin or oily skin that tends to get clogged up should in general look at mineral based makeup as an option, the minerals increase breathability and are less likely to clog you up.

Oh, by the way, if you’re confused between Bare Escentuals and bareMinerals (like I was) they’re basically the same. Bare Escentuals is the company that produces the bareMinerals line. Not that that fact was particularly fascinating, just thought it was worth mentioning.

I’d say their top 2 products, which seem to be always getting rave reviews and which you almost can’t go wrong with, are their Original SPF 15 foundation and their Mineral Veil Finishing powder. However, Paula’s Choice has an interesting opinion on mineral makeup which is that they aren’t actually better for the skin and the list of products in their top ratings include the Flawless Definition Mascaras, READY Blush, READY Bronzer and SPF 20 Correcting Concealer.

Well, in a giveaway you get stuff for free, right? So if you’re debating on whether to go mineral or not, now’s the chance to grab the opportunity to get the answer to the question for free!

 List of products to watch out for:

  1. Mineral Veil (Sept 4th), a finishing powder to mattify and set
  2. READY Bronzer (Sept 10th), bronzer, self-explanatory
  3. Flawless Definition Mascara (Sept 22nd), waterproof mascara
  4. READY Blush (Sept 23rd), highly pigmented and buildable blush

Am quite disappointed to be honest that they don’t have their Original SPF 15 in the giveaway, I suppose they figure it’s popular enough already and they might as well feature less well-known products in a giveaway so people get acquainted with products they wouldn’t usually buy/try. Still, would be a nice addition!!

To enter click here, again a very regular and straightforward form, comes with a quiz question and the answer is our favourite(?) vampire Robert Pattinson.

Have you tried bareMInerals yet?

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