Sept Beauty Giveaways: Easy Living and Pai Skincare + Pai Skincare Review

Hellooo my lucky beauties!

I’m calling you all my ‘lucky’ beauties in the hopes that this will actually bless you lovely readers with lots and lots of luck, as this is a giveaway competition post and I’m hoping to get lots of comments in a few weeks from readers who’ve WON thanks to me (wishful thinking, haha).

Anyway, if you remember just a couple weeks ago I did a series of beauty giveaway competitions for August. By the time I did those posts it was well into mid-August so I promised myself that for September I would get all the giveaways up ASAP so that you all have a greater chance of winning, since you can usually enter once a day for the entire month! So I’m sorry if it’s  a bit boring to have similar themed posts so close to each other but it kinda works out better for you in a sense 😉

Okay, so on to the first of September’s giveaways!

Easy Living, who featured products from My Showcase last month (read about it here!), really surprised me this month. Like I mentioned before, I’d never heard of them before I stumbled across their monthly giveaways but now I pretty much love them because not every online mag does monthly giveaways. Of course I also love that I can browse their articles online for free.

Why did Easy Living surprise me this month?

Well, their past giveaways have been good but they never say how many prizes per day are up for grabs (if it’s just 1, chances are low) and also had nothing that really made me go ‘OMG I really hope I win this!’ but this month is different because they’re giving away *drumroll please* PAI SKINCARE!! *cue trumpets blaring*


For those who aren’t familiar with Pai Skincare, they’re a lovely organic range that’s been formulated especially with sensitive and allergy prone skin in mind (to quote their own website) but while I feel a lot of ‘organic’ or ‘sensitive’ labelled skincare products simply stick those labels on for the sake of marketing, Pai really does deliver! They’re extremely open about their ingredients and their products are never run of the mill.

I found out about Pai Skincare from Ruth Crilly who runs the amazing A Model Recommends (AMR) website, who better than an actual model to recommend skincare advice, right? She also really does her research and properly tests out the products for a good length of time before writing up reviews. Her blog and the Paula’s Choice websites are my two go-to’s for skincare advice any day!

Sadly I can’t find a review on Pai from Paula’s Choice but they’re basically mentioned on AMR every other week or so, I figure that means they must be good.

I also love that Pai is offer sample sets which are highly affordable and very generous, it feels like they’re aware their range isn’t exactly ‘budget’ but want to remain open to consumers by offering ways to test their products before committing to expensive, full-sized versions. Most particularly their luxury trial sample sets which only cost £5 but are worth more than that in terms of what you actually get, it’s probably worth £20 actually! And everything on their online store has free delivery, which I LOVE. What other store would give you free delivery for ordering a £5 sample that’s worth 4 times the price?? (if you can answer that question, please tell me what other stores would do that, I would love to know!)

If you’re particularly interested, the Pai products that have the best reviews and hence the products to watch out for in this giveaway are:

  1. Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (Sept 8th and 21st) ideal for those with sensitive skin who find regular cleansers too ‘stripping’
  2. Rosehip Regenerate Oil (Sept 17th and 25th) a serum-type moisturiser. On the 17th it’s part of a whole set!
  3. Bioaffinity Toners in various  versions (Sept 5th, 11th, 23rd and 29th) good toner for sensitive skin as toners are usually alcoholic and hence quite harsh!
  4. Echium Eye Cream (18th Sept) highly recommended! I don’t usually pay for eye-creams so winning one would be lovely, hehe.

Of course the rest would be lovely to win as well, I’d be happy getting anything but thought I’d highlight the especially amazing items for you =)

The link to competition entry is here, straight-forward entry form (name, birth date, address), there’s a quiz-type question and the answer’s ‘Eggs’ 😉

A few of the days the prizes are worth around just £5 to £7, not to say it won’t be great prizes anyway but I’m not sure how it works and whether they limit you to 1 win per month.

Right that’s it for now! Happy competition entering, if you do win anything please let me know so I can celebrate that my blog has made a little difference in someone’s life!

LOVE and Good Luck!


Have you tried anything from Pai?

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