Quick Lil Freebie Alert – Free YSL Forever Youth Liberator and Touche Eclat Foundation Samples

Hellooo my pretties!

So I’ve decided to differentiate what’s a ‘deal alert’ and a ‘freebie alert’, not that it’s very important, just me being pedantic as always.

You beauty junkies probably know about the brand YSL (Yves Saint Laurent for long), their most famous product is probably the Touche Éclat pen which is a highlighter pen although the new Touche Éclat foundation has also been bringing in rave reviews recently. All in all, high quality products but also at a high-end price.

Which is why it’s lovely that with these samples you get a chance to try the product before you splash out loads of money on it!


In general I would always recommend that you speak to someone at the brand’s counter and have a play with what they have before simply buying anything, since it’s not exactly loose change that you’ll be forking over, but what makes a take-home sample a little more special is that you can experiment with it your own way and have a play with how it looks with all your other beauty products. Kind of like taking a new piece of clothing home and trying it out with your wardrobe before committing to a purchase.

To get these samples it’s pretty simple, the Forever Youth Liberator sample is only available at House of Fraser YSL counters, it’s a 5ml sample and there’re 16,000 available up till September the 30th. 16k sounds like a lot but I’m willing to bet that the stocks won’t last till the 30th Sept, especially since you need to keep in mind that not all 16k will be in your shade. So do pop down whenever you’re available and pick it up asap if you’re interested!

The Touche Éclat one also is a 5ml sample but this one is available at any YSL counter (so much easier to get), it’s only available from 4th Sept and will be on as long as stocks last. There’re 110,000 of these, whow! Once again though, keeping in mind that these are available at every single YSL counter in the country chances are any one counter doesn’t have a huge amount, pop down quickly!

If you’re the type that likes to be efficient about things, pop down to a House of Fraser counter from the 4th of Sept and try to pick both up at the same time.

The folks at MoneySavingExpert have valued each sample to be worth around £5 each which means the both of them together makes a value of £10, not bad for a freebie!!

I know I don’t usually like to post about collecting-from-the-counter freebies because I get the feeling they’re always available anyway but these aren’t. Which makes it blog-worthy!

If you’re a YSL fan definitely go pick these up, if you’re in the vicinity of a YSL counter also go pick this up.

Let me know how your experience with these is!



Let me know if you manage to grab a sample!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Lil Freebie Alert – Free YSL Forever Youth Liberator and Touche Eclat Foundation Samples

  1. Ooh freebies – such a great way to sample a product 🙂 I love samples too. I’m a huge fan of the Le Teint Touche Eclat which in turns makes me curious about YSL’s forever youth liberator serum foundation. For me personally, YSL just gets it right. Don’t think it’s available in Australia yet tough, will have to wait and see 🙂

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