Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Review + Swatch

Hello Beauty Babes!

As promised in my Clinique mini-haul post I’ve got a review of the Moisture Surge CC Cream!

I’m usually quite sceptical of Western BB or CC creams as in my experience they seem to not give as good a coverage as their Asian counterparts, I used to say that the tinted moisturisers on the Western market are the closest equivalent to an Asian BB cream but I have to put my hands up and say this is probably the best product I’ve ever used, it trumps every other tinted moisturiser, BB cream or CC cream I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot!


Looks very much like their tinted moisturiser packaging, doesn’t it?

I bought this in the shade ‘Natural’ and as I was ordering online I was pretty nervous about getting the right shade, this was my first time order a foundation-type product online, what if the colour was totally wrong?!

But oh my goodness, I don’t know if it’s luck or genius on my part (probably luck…), the shade is a perfect match, can’t tell you how happy I was. Probably far more happy than is actually warranted in such a case (first-world joys anyone?).

I’m not sure what advice I can give on shade picking online, I basically spent a huge load of time just scrutinising the shades online and finding every single review I could on the Clinique shades. I personally always have a tendency to pick a shade lighter than I actually am so this time I went with a colour I thought might be a tad too dark and that was perfect. Probably if you can spare the time and aren’t just lazy like me I’d advise you head to the Clinique counter or just a store somewhere where you can test it on your skin (you might still want to buy it online anyway as there’re a lot of good deals to be found online.

Anyway, on to the review!


Blob of the CC cream on my hand

It doesn’t really look like a perfect match on my hand, does it? But it blends like a dream and just evens out to the best shade ever.


Blending away…

What I love is that you can hardly tell where I’ve blended the product into! I left some bits unblended so you can see how the product just gradually blends in. Very lovely creamy texture, definitely very easy to work with. I just use my fingers to apply this and that’s just fine. Fuss-free application.


Final result!

You can’t see it anymore! It’s literally like a second skin. The skin looks smoother but not unnaturally so. And the shade really is a perfect fit isn’t it?

I’ve used both Clinique foundations before as well as their tinted moisturiser, I find the Clinique products sometimes come with a  strong smell that’s not really unpleasant but can get a little irritating over the day. Not so with their CC cream thank goodness!

Like other Clinique foundation type products, this CC cream has great coverage (you can see from the pictures above how dense the colour is). It does what it says as well, which is keeping my skin hydrated all day, it didn’t feel tight or dry at all.

But the absolutely favourite thing I love about this is not the great coverage or easy application or the other skincare perks (ie. hydrating and SPF 30), which are things you can arguably get from other products, but how long lasting this is! That feels like an added bonus to me because the product doesn’t really specifically promise that but boy does it deliver.

I’ve used this twice for all-day events. Once when I did a very, incredibly hectic and tiring film shoot, can’t disclose exact details but I was literally drenched in sweat at various parts of the day yet when I got home after a long 10 hour day this CC cream was still on (my eyeshadow was sliding everywhere and so was my eyeliner but not my CC cream, it stuck right on there!). Another time was when I was drumming at church in the morning and afternoon and then spent a long evening at a friend’s place, once again, CC cream was still there with me by the end. It’s like the most loyal and faithful companion you could ever get.

I’ve no idea scientifically how it manages to stay on com rain, shine or sweat but stay on it does. With my combination/oily skin that’s quite a blessing so this CC cream is definitely staying in my favourites and I completely recommend you try it =) Head to the Clinique counter and ask for a sample to try it out first for yourselves!

What are your thoughts on BB and CC creams?

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